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Are you into Yoga at all? What about sex? If you answered yes to those questions, it’s about time you started practicing yoga for the bedroom. No matter what you think about it, sex is a natural part of life. Paring the two together only equals better sex.

If you think these exercises were only for women, think again. Couples have been practicing yoga to increase running stamina in bed for years. Tantric Yoga for couples gives you more energy and flexibility as well as increase a person’s spiritual growth.

There is such a thing as yoga poses to boost testosterone. According to Ellen Barrett, the author of Sexy Yoga, yoga is a great exercise for both men and women.

Not only that but she says there are yoga poses for erectile dysfunction (increases blood flow) plus yoga improves plasticity, and opens your heart vessels. All of these things make for one terrific sex life. Yoga helps you to “enjoy lovemaking entirely for what it is, and not think or worry about anything else,” says Barrett.

The best part of yoga for the bedroom is you can do intimate couples yoga poses or yoga for physical stamina by yourself. Consider it as foreplay if you like. Some end up sweating during the routine and breathing heavily. It could actually turn your partner on in the process. With that said, let’s look at a few sensual yoga poses.

Yoga for Vigour and Vitality: The Cobra

The Cobra pose or exercise opens the heart. Barrett says “this pose indirectly connects to sexual intimacy… it’s also very energizing.”

  • For this exercise, you should begin by lying on your stomach. Your forehead should touch the floor. Place the palms of your hands face down about midway your ribs.
  • Pull your legs together but stretch them out fully. The tops of your feet should be next to the floor.
  • Press your hands down toward the floor and draw your elbows close to the side of your body.
  • Use your back to lift your chest off the floor slowly. Roll your shoulders back down, and use your arms for support. Use your back and leg muscles to perform backbend.
  • Hold this position for up to 20 seconds, but no less than 10. Make sure your breathing is even and lower your body to the floor.

Yoga for Intimacy: Reclined Cobblers Pose

Start this pose by lying on your back. Make sure your back is flat on the floor or an exercise mat. Press your feet together, making sure the soles are touching each other and your knees are open and out to the side.

Gather a few blanket or pillows. Place them under your thighs for support. This is so you’ll feel the burn in your glutes. Put one hand over your heart and the other on your stomach.

Remember to breath in and out for about five minutes to circulate oxygen to your muscles and hips. In addition, you will bring uniformity to your chest.

Yoga in Bed Night Seated Meditation

You should be in a comfortable seated position for this exercise. Note your breathing as you sit with your eyes closed. Where’s the tension in your body coming from? Do you feel it?

Now, notice where you feel most open. More so, you want to know what your body feels like as a whole. This is called a body scan. This practice is very important to yoga for the bedroom as it allows you to get in touch with your body.

Yoga Poses for Intimacy: Cat and Cow Stretch

Why this exercise works in your favor is because it strengthens your Kegel muscles. Yep… those muscles. Now you see why it’s imperative to do this exercise religiously.

  • Start with your hands and knees on the floor or in doggy style position. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists and your hips over your knees.
  • Take a deep breath in and slowly arch your back (cow). Lift your chest up from your stomach and extend the tailbone toward the ceiling.
  • Your feet should also be touching the floor.
  • Exhale and round out your lower back (cat), while contracting your stomach muscles.
  • Repeat several times and increase the range of motion each rep.

Yoga Chaise Positions

Imagine having the benefits of Tantric yoga. Your bedroom shenanigans will not be the same with a yoga chaise, let me assure you of that, sisters and brothers. The chaise makes for a great prop and actually increases your intimate time together.

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Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gotten one sooner. It will certainly spice up yoga for the bedroom. The chaise is definitely more comfortable and way more interesting than the floor or kitchen counter. Perfecting yoga chaise positions, I’m told, is a little tricky at first, but well worth the effort.

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