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What causes dark or black lips? Smoking is one of the common causes of dark lips because of the nicotine in them. Along with coffee and tea, vitamin deficiencies can lead to lip discoloration, too. Avoid those drinks and add more vitamins to your diet for luscious lips.

Photo of black woman drinking coffee
Drinking coffee not only stains the teeth but darkens the lips. Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Vitamin C is also critical for beautiful pink lips. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy diet by eating fresh fruits and lots of green leafy veggies. Dark or black lips are only cute if it’s the color of your lipstick and not your lips.

White teeth and cracked, black lips are the one time black and white don’t go together. Make sure your smile is as sexy as you are. If you see a dermatologist, he will likely prescribe a dark lips cream, however, there are more natural ways to lighten dark lips permanently. Let’s check out this video for starters.

Get Rid of Black Lips Fast

Lipsticks and cosmetics specifically for your lips only make your lips dry. Unfortunately, buying cheap brands or rather low-quality brands can bring on lip pigmentation.

To get rid of dark or black lips naturally, use lipstick only when necessary and buy reputable names. Another good practice is to always check the expiration date and throw away cosmetics after they have run their course.

9 Ways to Get Rid of Dark or Black Lips Naturally Rashaud Young photograph
There’s nothing sexier than a pair of kissable lips and a clean mouth, of course.

Many men and women use vitamin E and Shea butter as a moisturizer instead of seeking medical treatment for dark lips and that’s cool. Still, there are other ways we will discuss.

How to Get Help Naturally

  1. Almond oil is especially good for removing discoloration from dark lips. To lighten lips, use before going to bed.
  2. Sugar scrubs will remove dead skin from your lips. To make a scrub, use three teaspoons of sugar and two teaspoons of butter and mix them together. Apply to your lips using a soft toothbrush at least twice a week to get rid of dark or black lips naturally.
  3. Mix the juice from a lemon-lime along with a drop or two of almond oil and apply.
  4. Cucumber juice help lighten dark lips when used daily.
  5. Ice cubes help the lips to retain moisture. More so, they hydrate and plump the lips. Just rub the cubes over your lips a couple times a day for soft, kissable lips.
  6. Regular application of honey, lime juice, and glycerine to your lips will prevent dryness. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball and leave on overnight.
  7. Vaseline is an excellent home remedy for numerous problems. To get the maximum benefit, gently exfoliate your lips using a sugar scrub and apply Vaseline weekly to remove dead cells and prevent dry lips.
  8. The beetroot helps by cleansing the lips. The natural properties lighten your lips. Apply juice to lips for pink kissers.
  9. To get rid of dark or black lips naturally and retain your natural lip color, you will need to keep plenty of water on hand. Changing the inside of our body will greatly help the outside. Keep your lips moisturized and hydrated at all times.
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