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Starting a career in performing arts can be a daunting task. Many people in today’s society don’t even view it as an actual career, but those people are highly mistaken.

Performing arts careers, like most career paths, aren’t easy. They require persistence, patience, and hard work.

Whether you’ve got the moves to be a dancer, the vocals to steal the hearts of music fans, or the demeanor to grasp a leading role in a global play, performing arts apprenticeships is definitely one way to go.

How To Start a Career in Performing Arts

If you have the uniqueness to capture the attention of the most difficult audience of the Apollo Theater in New York, you should start a career in performing arts.

Attend Workshops

Although you think you have the necessary skills to have a tenured career in whatever performing art you choose, attending a workshop can do nothing but help.

If you’re into acting, big markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York have the perfect workshops. NYC acting workshops to help those in performing arts careers with stage fright, developing a performance cadence, and sharpening any skill you may have.

Workshops range in prices and size but if you’re truly in search of a way to start a career in performing arts, these shops are essential.

Start Small

Sure, you have what it takes to perform on the big stage in front of thousands but if you’re at the bottom looking for an opportunity to test your repertoire and build a rapport then starting with stage manager jobs may be best.

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Actors can look to perform in small local plays at art universities and musicians should look for musical theater jobs or play tunes at the local clubs and restaurants. Jobs in the performing arts industry consume lots of people. Some associations may become stepping stones to the big payoff.

How To Start a Career in Performing Arts
Photo by Gift Habeshaw

So many of the famous performers we all are very fond of paved their way to stardom by starting small with theater jobs. It proved helpful in getting everyone familiar with their art. Get out there and make things happen.

Social Media

Nearly everyone from the millennials to baby boomers is glued to their phones, scrolling through their news feed on social media. They are likely reading the latest Twitter and Instagram posts by  45 and 50 respectively, laughing at memes and restarting the hilarious gifs or sharing the petty tweets.

If you’re really eager to get your performing arts career off the ground, show people what you’ve got via social media. 

  • Upload an acting skit to Instagram and show your followers how great you are
  • Post a video of you singing on Facebook and ask people to start sharing your work
  • Tweet your performing art engagements to get people talking and raving about your work

Social media is the biggest platforms for anyone to promote their skills or art related jobs.

Now you have it; three essential ways to start a career in performing arts from the ground up. While performing arts jobs may be one of the many career paths that may seem difficult to most, don’t let that discourage you.

Your talent is your gift and if you want to be taken seriously and make a career out of it, don’t give up… follow your passion.

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