Why do men like big butts? Researchers are not sure what most men are thinking of when it comes to the derriere. There are theories, nonetheless and specific notions on the subject. It dates way back, so much so, it’s unbelievable. Who would think big butt women date back to the evolution of man.

Yeah, only the male species wasn’t really thinking about the booty but they really were. In other words, it wasn’t the butt but the thought of doing it from the rear that they were thinking about. You can find more details about this concept in Desmond Morris’s book, The Naked Ape. Are you the butt man or know someone who is?

One expert butt man suggests it’s the way fat shapes the woman’s body or more to the point, her rear end. It seems also one can tell if a woman is fertile by the shape of her body. Did you know this? Well, I certainly did not. It seems men are more attracted to the hourglass figure when compared to other shapes.

While this is true, it’s not the only reason men are in love with big butts. So, why do guys like big butts? Some people think it’s because they were “taught” to like them. Yes, they were under the influence of their brothers, friends, and peers. But you may be surprised to find there’s a twist on the evolution theory.

Why Do Men Like Big Butts?

The size of a butt isn’t what turns some men on. It’s the curve factor that matters or at least this is the report from the University of Texas (Austin). Obviously, a woman’s curve in her back gives the appearance of a big and shapely booty.

Why Are Men Attracted to Women's Buttocks? Woman in black lingerie laying on soft blanket with lower spine curve
Men prefer women with a deep curve in her back to carry their children. Photo courtesy of DesktopNexus

The study at UT concludes men are more excited about a woman with a low spine curvature. The lower spine can cause a woman’s butt to stand out more, so to speak. In addition, she is able to balance her weight while pregnant. But there are still more explanations as to why do guys like big butts that are not so scientific. Check these out.

They Are Nice to Look At

Why do men like butts? Remember, men are visual creatures. They are simply attracted to the woman who takes her appearance seriously. Men look at their hair, mouth, nails, and her eyes. It only makes sense he check out her butt. Some men don’t care if it’s a handful or if it takes two hands to hold her, he can appreciate the booty.

Beautiful Female Butts Feel Good

Men love to cuddle and sometimes, they use the booty as a cushion or a pillow. Often, men will slap their lady on the butt in the most endearing way. Why does this make women feel loved?

A Sign of Good Health

What woman isn’t concerned about how her butt looks? We do squats and leg lifts just to defy gravity. Well, not only to resist the fall but a woman’s clothes look better with a shapely glute. Mostly, women with a healthy rear are healthy on the inside as well. It’s just another reason why men like big butts.

Big Butts Breed Whiz Kids

Well, okay… so this one is a little on the scientific end, and just as wild as the evolution theory. Nonetheless, it rings true according to Dr. William D. Lassek, author of “Why Women Need Fat.” What he really said was this: “the fat located in a female’s butt and thigh is the “depot for building a baby’s brain.”


He wants us to believe the “gluteofemoral fat transfers itself from the mother’s body to the baby’s brain.” Furthermore, the nutrients from the fat help develop the unborn child’s nervous system, visual and brain development. The mother also stores this fat in her breast milk but the quantity is not as high. I don’t know about you but I don’t even think men consider this when they think about big butts, do you?

WWYD for a Big Butt?

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