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Is how to ask a guy to prom the proverbial question around campus lately? That one night means everything.

Those who attend prom want the best dress, best partner, best dance and of course, everyone wants to be Prom King and Prom Queen. It’s a matter of pride for every high school graduate.

But before the main event is the waiting game; the anxiety of who is going to ask whom to prom. Prom proposals or “promposals” become the real struggle once you decide on the perfect prom partner. Now, you must decide to ask a guy to prom or not. 

Some people win over their crush and sadly, some aren’t so lucky. It’s all about the presentation for some. The promposal must be unlike any other… it must be smart and witty.

Funny proposals sweep anyone off their feet and who knows you may land your crush depending on how you ask him to prom.

Usually, the guy makes the first move and ask a girl to prom but we’re dealing with Millennials who want to know how to ask a guy to prom. This is unconventional but it’s way cool. However, if you still feel awkward about popping the question, keep reading.

Ask a guy to prom ideas

If you don’t know how to ask a guy to prom that you don’t know, here’s what to do. Chances are low he will deny your promposal using these tips, so go introduce yourself at least two weeks before prom night.

Strike up some friendly conversation; know each other’s interest, exchange text messages, etc., get to know him better. If you feel chemistry from his side, pop the question.

Prom pizza at his doorsteps

If he is a big fan of pizza like most people are, he’ll love the idea of writing “PROM?” on a pizza box and have it delivered to his doorsteps. However, this is basic.

You must do something extra special with this concept like meeting the pizza guy there dressed in a teddy bear costume. How can any guy refuse a cuddle bunny… and pizza?

How to ask a guy to prom with cookies

Another interesting way to ask a guy to prom is by using food. Is he tempted by glazed doughnuts or freshly baked cookies? Just four doughnuts with frosting and the word “prom” written on them, delivered to his doorsteps by a limo driver would do the trick.

Well, maybe save the limo until prom night, but you can bake cookies for him and write the message on the cookies or doughnuts yourself which is a deliciously sweet promposal!

Poem to ask a guy to prom

In case your friends don’t have a crush on the same guy as you, involve them. Ask each of them to hand over pieces of a poem asking him to prom providing a sense of mystery to his prom proposal. This surely will peak his imagination as he tries to guess who the real girl is!

Quotes to ask a guy to prom

Prom banners with comical or humorous messages are one of the most popular and effective ways to ask a guy to prom.

Messages like –

“I’ve never asked anyone to prom before, so I’m going to wing it… Will you go to the prom with me?”

is a tasty idea especially, if you attach it to a plate of wings with his favorite dipping sauce. Forming the word prom using ties and poster board is a unique way to ask a guy to prom.

Puzzle that ask a girl to prom with a bunch of roses
There are lots of ways to ask a guy to prom, but dare to be different!

For the guy who is into baseball, the caption can read “Can I steal you for prom?” Yeah, I know; it’s a corny idea, but somebody’s going to love it! Any message that will make your crush burst into laughter is a winner and he won’t be able to resist the offer.

Should I ask him to prom in a sporty way?

Write the word “Prom?” on several post-its and stick on his sports car. You can also write racy messages on different posters alongside the road or a banner in an obvious place. Put a catchy message on a race car banner to grab his attention.

Puzzles to ask a guy to prom

Play a puzzle game with him where you put words of a sentence into the puzzle like “Will you go to prom with me?” Each word will be a puzzle and as he solves it, he will get the final question. More interesting the question is more fun this will be!

Send a prom basketball

How to ask a guy to prom casually? Gift wrap a basketball with the message “Let’s have a ball this prom?” written on the ribbon. Another option is to nonchalantly challenge him to a game and throw the ball to him with the message written on it. You may even score a 3-pointer with this shot.

Use air balloons to ask for a date

Tie an air balloon to his locker with a post-it saying, “Prick me.” Once he pricks it, another handwritten note saying “PROM?” will fall out of the balloon. A wicked and flirtatious style of sending a promposal!

Take him to court

Who doesn’t love a baller? Guys love competition sports, so an exciting way of promposals can be a way of tricking him. Make a guy ask you to prom by challenging him to a game of tennis. If he loses the game, he will have to take you to prom.

If he wins, you must ask him to prom. Or you can simply take several tennis balls to create the word “PROM?” Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Is it cool to ask a guy to prom over text messages?

One of the oldest and lost styles of communication are letters. Since people don’t write letters anymore, you could text him. Don’t pour your heart out into a text message, but let him know why you will be his perfect prom date.

Text messages are a popular means of communicating these days; however, they are not as touching and sensitive as a handwritten letter sent to the post office. Give it a try; this simple way may melt the heart of your crush.

These are modest and effective ways to ask your guy to the prom date. Generally, text messages are deal-breakers for something this meaningful but in case you ask a shy guy to prom, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to communicate.

Unconventional, flirty and humorous promposals are the best ways to ask a guy to prom. In case your prom is over and you’re getting ready to graduate, don’t leave without sharing your cute ways to ask a guy to prom stories with us; we would love to hear from you!


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