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Whiskey is not a drink you can have in any random glass. Real whiskey lovers know it’s a sophisticated drink to be taken in classy fashion.

They get a thrill by serving in style. If you have such a friend, you may have been impressed by his or her glass collection and other unique whiskey gifts associated with the drink.

That’s why most of the whiskeys now come with their own glass to add to that beloved collection of the fanatics. Of course, there are many things you may gift to your loved ones and they will accept it gladly.

But for a whiskey lover, there is nothing better than the stuff which relates to their favorite golden drink and lets them serve it in a fashionable way.

Whether it’s your family, your lover or just a close friend, there is no shortage of the options of affordable gifts for whiskey lovers. 

Tennessee Whiskey Filled Chocolates – CLASSIC

What can be a better gift to the friend who loves both whiskey and chocolate? You may definitely have one, right? Who doesn’t love chocolates after all?

These chocolates, filled with the delicious Tennessee Whiskey (the best whiskey for birthday gift) are just delectable and something your “Bunny Hop” may fall in love with.

You can get a very affordable 6-piece box for under $15 and 12-piece box for less than $25 in most cases.

So the next time it’s their birthday or chocolate day, don’t get them a simple bar, but these amazingly affordable gifts for whiskey lovers. They can’t get a better gift!

City Map Glasses

What can look chicer than a whiskey glass which comprises the whole map of your favorite city on it? Not only it is stylish but will also give your loved one a view of their city’s locations and roads.

Super 6 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers whiskey gift sets, city map glass

It has 21 options of America’s greatest cities to choose from. Though the choice is limited, most prices start at only $16. This makes it really affordable and it could very well be the best whiskey gift set you give to someone.

And of course, they will remember you every time they have their favorite whiskey in that glass!

Whiskey’s Minions

What can be a better gift than a whiskey minion? Getting them a bottle of bitters to make their favorite cocktail is a great idea. To a whiskey lover, this would perfect to mix with his favorite drink. A few drops can enhance the flavor of the libation to which they are added. 

There is no end to the options for affordable gifts for whiskey lovers available in the market: Angostura bitter, Copperhead bitters, Aromatic bitters, Boker’s bitters, Brazilian bitter, Spanish bitters etc. are the best quality to name a few.

A single bottle ranges from only $1 to $10. This is now a thriving category with new products appearing constantly. That’s absolutely worth it!

World Globe Decanter

This is something you can give your whiskey fanatic on his anniversary or your father on his birthday. The super sophisticated look of this handmade decanter will make it especially dear to your lover this Valentine or to those who appreciate art.

Super 6 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers Globe decanter holding darking liquor
A globe decanter makes a great have.

The finest quality custom whiskey stones can be engraved with anything and in your choice of font. These cool items will not only keep the whiskey icy but can also be used to keep the coffee or tea hot for longer.

Whiskey stones are a terrific deal at $10. Affordable gifts for whiskey lovers and serviceable!

Gifts for Scotch Drinkers

Well, which whiskey lover won’t want to taste every scotch produced in Scotland? Give it to a fan of single malt whiskey and reserve them for life!  

The map gives a way to taste the whiskey all the way from the Orkney Islands to Speyside. A friend who loves both traveling and whiskey will find nothing better than these affordable gifts for whiskey lovers. You can purchase the single malts for around $25.

So forget all the whiskey gifts for him he already has too many of and gift your loved ones something they love so they recall you every time they are having their favorite drink. Let them realize how you recognize their interests and care for them.

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