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Contemplating being the side chick? Yeah, it’s something to think about. Being in this position has its pros and cons. Whether it’s right or wrong, there are rules to being the side chick. You should know them before you have side chick problems.

The thing about being the side chick is you will spend more time with your girls than with him. You will sit quietly by and watch him and his wife from a distance or spy on him on social media.

You thought you were special when he brought you a rose. The side chick be like “he brought me flowers,” but that smile soon changed when you saw his wife got 11 more than you did plus a box of Godiva chocolates.

Most side chicks don’t get to go on vacations like this with “her” man.

Because you go looking, you’re bound to see pictures and videos of the family on vaca living the best life. She posts comments like she has the best husband ever and you smile, knowing he’s really not.

You want to forget there are rules to being the side chick, however, exposing this man is not how to go from side chick to main. You will lose him totally while he begs his wife’s forgiveness because he really wants his family.

I know he said he loves what you have going, but that is not the same as him loving you. Before you go any further, you should know there are rules to being a side chick.

Side Chick Code of Conduct

  1. The first thing and the most important thing you must remember is to stay in your lane. You are the side chick… the other woman. The side chick has no authority and certainly, no rights. You may not even be the only side chick for that matter.
  2. Don’t discuss his wife or his main chick. What he does with her or them is none of your business. Don’t compare yourself to his wife… ever. If he knew you before he married her, it’s obvious he doesn’t see you as marriage material. And for goodness sake, don’t call his wife or reach out to her because you are jealous or angry. Often, it doesn’t work out for the sidepiece. You may rock the boat, but you won’t tip it over. However, you will lose your position and you’ll be telling your sad side chick stories to your girlfriends.
  3. Remember, there are rules to being the side chick and you two have to be a secret. There’s no PDA if you should happen to meet someone for lunch. Don’t send him a friend request on any social media platform. Don’t expect him to show up during the holidays either.
  4. Please don’t ask about his feelings or if the relationship will ever lead to anything more. He will likely tell you how good things are now… just the way they are and to enjoy it.
  5. Wait… what? You say the side chick pregnant?! This is probably the most important rule in the side chick handbook according to Zondra Hughes, journalist, author and creator of Six Brown Chicks. Do not get pregnant! If you think getting pregnant will bring you two closer to having an actual relationship, you should think again. If you think he will leave his wife and children to be with you, you may be highly disappointed. What’s a side chick to do? My advice is to protect yourself by any means necessary. You don’t want to end up having a baby and raising the child by yourself. It’s not fair to the child or to the father. Getting pregnant will not upgrade you. It will, however, make you a single parent. If you ask me, we have way too many single mothers.

The weirdest thing of all is this guy will expect the side chick to be umm faithful or loyal to him. He will want to make this a part of the agreement. Yes indeed, you think this stuff only happens on reality TV, but there are rules to being the side chick. It’s up to you if you want to follow them or even be a side chick.

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