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When wearing a corset top correctly, it will give you an elegant and beautiful look. It accentuates a woman’s curves and enhances her womanly charms.

Wearing a corset top the right way might seem like a daunting task, but it’s worth the hassle. A corset top is very versatile. You can wear it under a t-shirt or you can put it under your wedding dress.

Most women don’t know how to wear a corset top. The secret to rocking a corset lies in understanding how to wear it correctly. As promised, here are 4 steps to look even sexier while wearing a corset top.

Step 1: Pick the Right Corset

Since you’re wearing a corset to make the waist smaller, it’s very important to pick the right kind. This means choosing one in the right style and color to suit your occasion and other garments.

4 Steps To Look Even Sexier While Wearing A Corset Top
Brown Brocade Overbust Corset

For style, you can choose an overbust corset covering the chest, especially when you have a small to medium bust.

An under the bust corset is another option to accentuate your waist or to get a more curvaceous look. This falls below the bust line cinching all the parts of the rib cage.

Additionally, choose a corset for the most appropriate material and color. Black is the best color for a go-to corset in the closet. This color goes with most of the outfits. When it comes to material, satin or brocade is ideal for a corset.

Wearing a corset as a top, a leather or vinyl corset is a perfect choice for a very eye-catching look. The trick is to choose the one you’re comfortable with to add to your collection.

Step 2: Fitting is Key

Corsets come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. Ensure to determine your waist measurement before looking for a corset.

Take the natural waist measurement and subtract from 2 to 4 inches to get the right measure that’ll fit. Good corset tops are tight but allow proper breathing.

A reliable online store should have a range of products in various designs and sizes to suit every customer’s needs.

Step 3: Plan Your Outfit

Getting the perfect outfit comes with careful planning. If you plan on wearing a corset with jeans, ensure to lay out the outfit before getting dressed. It pays to stick to a few rules, including putting on the corset after other outfits.

4 Steps To Look Even Sexier While Wearing A Corset Top
Waist Trainer Underbust Corset

Additionally, your makeup, shoes or anything else comes before the corset. The only exception is when the corset is to go under the dress. When wearing a cincher as foundation accessory, a camisole or other light garment should go between the cincher and the skin.

Wearing a corset for 3 hours every day lessens the chances of running on your skin and keeps the camisole clean for a longer time.

Step 4: Proper Lacing

Ensure the corset is laced properly. This might mean lacing from bottom to top. The lace tie is usually at the smallest point of the wearer’s waist. The top loop tightens the corset bottom with the bottom loop tightening the top of the corset.

However, you might have to adjust that way you lace when wearing a cincher under a wedding dress to prevent the knot from showing. Regardless of how you tighten your corset, proper lacing offers a snug and an amazing look.

Wearing a Corset Top – Final Adjustments

A corset top is a handy item not to miss in your closet. If you’re wearing a corset top to lose weight, the right one will make you look sexier and slimmer when worn properly. If you have any concerns about how to wear a corset top even after reading this, be sure to visit a reliable store and ask questions.

Still, Orchard Corset has more details about wearing a corset top. You can learn a lot from reading their blog, Corsets 101. 

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4 Steps To Look Even Sexier While Wearing A Corset Top
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