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There are several fun things couples do in Hawaii that you can choose from when visiting the islands. Six mainly visited islands, each having their own character, history, feel, and vibe – you won’t be disappointed matter the island you choose to visit.

We’ve listed some of the things to do in Hawaii that you can choose from. So whether you decide to include –

  1. The popular Waikiki Beach in Oahu
  2. The fiery lava from the active volcanoes of the Big Island
  3. Be wowed by the movie-like scenery while flying over Kauai
  4. The road to Hana in Maui

in your itinerary, you’re sure to have ever-lasting memories. Your Hawaii tour won’t be complete if you haven’t tried to snorkel on one or two of the best-known spots in any of the islands. Here’s a tip: plan ahead.

Fun Things Couples Do In Hawaii – Snorkeling

Let’s be honest, Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what to do in Hawaii. It’s the reason why we all want to spend vacations there.

Fun Things Couples Do In Hawaii
Make sure you book a snorkel tour on your Hawaiian travel.

Being home to several endemic marine species, one would be amazed seeing the colorful reef formation and watching lively underwater critters roaming around in their natural habitat. 

Beach Hopping

Take time to research the beaches on the islands you decide to visit. This will give you an idea of what fun Hawaii tourist attractions and activities to choose and do.

If you want things to do in Oahu, Jade Anim suggests enjoying a calm swim and light snorkel, or if you’re traveling with kids and family, best to look for peaceful waters like Haunama Bay in Oahu or Poipu Beach in Kauai.

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, you can visit Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, or the well-known surfing mecca of Oahu, the North Shore.

Surely, with so many beautiful beaches in Hawaii, you will surely find not just one, but several fun things couples do in Hawaii. With this in mind, go visit, explore, and enjoy.

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What to Do in Honolulu – Learn to Ride the Waves

Hawaii is well known for beaches with swells perfectly suitable for surfing, making Honolulu one of the best surfing places in the world.

As part of the Hawaiian culture and history, surfing is the most popular ocean sport in the islands, and surfers from around the world would visit Hawaii to participate or simply watch its annual sporting events.

Though we’re talking about the pros, they will serve as your inspiration learning the sport simply by watching them, and there are several surf instructors that are willing to show you the ways and teach you to ride the waves of Hawaii.

Luau – Experience the Hawaiian Culture

Celebrate the Hawaiian culture with friends and loved ones in an evening of Hawaiian food, feasts, and entertainment. Luaus are Hawaiian feasts accompanied by singing, storytelling, hula and fire dancing. They are one of the most popular and well-attended activities in Hawaii.

Fun Things Couples Do In Hawaii luau Old_Lahaina_Luau_2009-07
You can’t go to Hawaii and not attend a luau.

Each island provides different luau experiences, so there are several varieties you can choose from. Looking for fun things couples do in Hawaii? Couples of all ages and even singles should attend at least one luau in the duration of their Hawaii tour.

Things to do in Maui – Hiking

Rugged, scenic landscapes, volcanic craters, lush vegetation, and tropical forests, Hawaii is surely enticing for hiking enthusiasts. Trails can be found all over the islands, and it’s up to your skills, experience or stamina, to take the adventure head-on.

Whether it’s an easy short trail walk or a notorious days-long excursion, the journey would be worth it as you witness the beauty and become one with Hawaii’s nature.

Heli Tours

Conquer not just the land and seas, but the skies as well. Seeing the islands from a bird’s eye point of view is so cool! There are many hidden gems and beauties in Hawaii which are not accessible on foot.

Fun Things Couples Do In Hawaii Man in helicopter
Kauai heli tours – Photo by Derek Owens

A helicopter tour would let you see them in reality. Flying over the Kauai island is like watching Jurassic Park in 3D, only that it’s way better.

Fun Things Couples Do In Hawaii – Taste the Flavors

As travelers, we seek to taste the food specialty of the places we visit. Visiting Hawaii is no exception. Eat what the locals eat. The islands are rich with seafood, tropical fruits, organic farm produce, coffee, and a whole lot more.

Go out and find them! Look for a farmer’s market for starters. You’ll be able to find local farmers and food vendors with their awesome selection of Hawaiian produce.

What to do in Hawaii?

Simply, enjoy the view along the way. With so many beautiful places to see and wonder on the islands of Hawaii, you would realize one vacation stay won’t be enough to see and experience them all.

So whatever activities you decide to do or wherever you decide to stay, just don’t forget the fun things couples do in Hawaii. We know you will enjoy the beauty this paradise has in store for you. Make the most out of your stay, and take home awesome memories you’ll get to see along the way.

Guest author: Jade Anim is very adventurous. He believes nothing is impossible as long as you Believe in Yourself. Jade loves inspiring people to strive more and to work hard to achieve the dream. In addition, he loves to travel and plays Badminton for his daily stress reliever. Visit his website: https://gohawaiitours.com/

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