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When you’re young and in love, there’s no better time to see the world. You and your partner should share new experiences together and make memories you can cherish forever.

While you’re young, you have plenty of energy to throw yourself into the dynamic adventures of romantic weekend getaways, so sunbathing by the hotel pool just won’t cut it yet.

Ready to travel with both feet forward? Want to go where romance can flourish under a different sunrise or sunset? William Benetton has a few suggestions for the best holiday destinations for young couples, let’s check them out.

Holiday Destinations for Couples – Barcelona, Spain

This wonderful city has long been a popular refuge and couples holiday for artists and creatives, from Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso to Juan Miro. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best holiday destinations for young couples.

It doesn’t matter if you’re winding your way through the bustling bar district or checking out some of Barcelona’s world-class galleries and museums, it still ranks as one of the best holiday destinations for young couples.

It’s always sunny, with gentle breezes from the sea helping ensure temperatures are never too hot. Barcelona is easily one of the best vacations for couples. The town is always abuzz with energy and color.

While you’re there, you must see the Museu Picasso, Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona.

Behind every corner is a new wonder for you to explore together. The fabulous nightlife… there’s food and drink everywhere! It will make you want to dig into every inch of the city.

Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find it in Barcelona every hour of every day.

Majestic Holiday Destinations for Couples – Edinburgh, Scotland

This charming city is famous for its artistic scenery, especially in August. That’s when the whole city comes alive with theater, comedy and performance arts for the legendary Edinburgh Fringe festival.

A stroll to Arthur’s Seat lets you walk straight from the city to the countryside for a fantastic view of the entire town. Other sites of interest include Edinburgh Castle and the Gothic Scott Monument.

However, whatever time of year you choose, it’s still one of the most fantastic holiday destinations for couples. Edinburgh’s small enough for you to start knowing your way around within a day or two of your stay.

More so, it’s charming cobbled streets winding around hidden away pubs and restaurants is perfectly suited for couples in love looking for intimate experiences to share. It would hard not to list Edinburgh as one of the best holiday destinations for young couples.

There’s also Michelin-starred restaurants and one of the most famous cocktail bars in the world – Bramble – so a great evening out is only ever a few streets away. For a compact mix of history, culture, and romance, Edinburgh packs one hell of a punch.

Best Holiday Destinations for Young Couples – New York

New York is among the best holiday destinations for young couples in September. Make your own romcom together with a trip to the Big Apple. This city is densely packed with all kinds of sights and sounds for you and your loved one to explore together.

Sights include Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim museum. Another essential vacation for young couples is to the Statue of Liberty. 

You can either see up close on Liberty Island or from the free ferry departing from Manhattan and arriving in Staten Island. That’s before you even start on the world-class restaurants, hidden dive bars, swanky cocktail lounges, and hard rocking music venues.

You can easily access these attractions by cab, subway or on foot. It’s one heck of a town and one that’s sure to make a lasting impression. If you’re trying to get your girl to let open up a little bit, this is how to win over a guarded woman

Best Holiday Destinations for Young Couples – Florence, Italy

If you’re looking for suggestions, this might be one of the best holiday destinations for young couples in June. No one does the good life quite like Italians, and nowhere in Italy does it like Florence.

Despite the stunning art and urbane style, the residents know how to relax. You’re likely to find someone offering you a glass of wine during brunch or before midday.

There are masses of centuries-old art for culture vultures to sink their teeth into, especially at the Uffizi. You’ll find old masters like Titian, Botticelli, and Caravaggio hanging wall-to-wall.

You can also take a trip out to the charming Tuscany countryside. This is where a plethora of vineyards speak to you and give you great excuses to enjoy wine tasting.

It’s a wonderful way to investigate the quaint villages and ancient castles. Take advantage of the scenery while helping yourself to plate after plate of gorgeous Italian cuisine.

Best Holiday Destinations for Young Couples – Paris, France

A romantic night away for a young couple wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Paris. The landmarks more than justify its reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

The stunning architecture mixes up grand boulevards with winding back streets, all playing host to cost wine bars and top-shelf restaurants. Indeed, you’d have to go far out of your way to get a bad meal in this city.

By day you can stroll by the Senne and see the sights like the famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre gallery and Arc de Triomphe. By night, lose yourselves among the bars and restaurants.

Best Holiday Destinations for Young Couples

If you like a big city, you’ll love a few of these holiday destinations. Don’t worry… it’s easy to find those intimate moments with your partner. Yeah, you know the kind where you feel like you’re the only two people who have ever been in love.

I hope this helps you to choose the best holiday destinations for young couples. By the way, if you were looking for one of those cheap couples holidays, this ain’t it. That’s another blog entirely.

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