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Y’all, this Jamaican man wants to marry me but we just met! Call me strange but I think you should know at least some of the characteristics of a Jamaican man before you marry him.

This is not to say there aren’t good men living in Jamaica, but you must be careful dealing with men from Mars Drive. Just the same, men should be careful dating a Jamaican woman.

Because they are affectionate individuals, you can meet single Jamaican men every day. They have no problems drawing the opposite or same sex even. Women from all around come to meet Jamaican men. Do you want to know why?

shirtless man holding cameras in each hand
Jamaican men are excellent with words

They are absolutely dreamy. Yes, I said dreamy. You know the kind… he’s well-built, smells good, looks good and has um, deep pockets. This combo is serious.

Not only that, but Jamaican guys know how to talk to women. The Jamaican man is fascinating. If you’re not paying attention, he’ll kidnap your heart quick. You can be dating today and the next, he’s on his knees confessing his love for you and begging for your hand in marriage. Wait… what?

We’ve hardly been dating a month and this Jamaican man wants to marry me? Come on now. What’s so different about me he wants to get married right away? Is it because I’m just that captivating? Is it that he wants a green card? I could be wrong, but I think he wants the card.

There are some Jamaicans who will do practically anything to get their hands on this popular item. Getting married to a US citizen is perhaps one of the most common and simplest approaches to secure a green card.

Marrying a Jamaican Man for Citizenship

Marrying for the express purpose of having the legal right to reside and work in the states is considered marriage fraud and it’s against the law. It can get you and your spouse in considerable trouble if found out.

Consequently, the immigrant will be removed and it could hurt their chances of ever reentering the US. Incredibly, there were roughly 250,000 petitions in 2009 and of that number 506 were rejected based on deceit.

It’s not unusual for some Jamaicans to marry solely for the opportunity of American privilege. According to Andy J. Semotiuk, a U.S. and Canadian immigration lawyer, one of the specifications includes an affidavit of support for the native who seeks to marry the Jamaican man or immigrant.

This document also creates a 10-year liability on the US resident the illegal marries for specific kinds of financial assistance from the governmentWhat this means is the I could be held liable for the costs of the immigrant if he goes on welfare even after we terminate the relationship.

I bet a lot of you didn’t know that, but yep, you or I could be sued. The government will need to recoup its money especially if there are minors in the picture. This could add up to be a large sum of money. It could exceed the ten grand we could get for marrying the immigrant. 

Oh yeah, it gets complicated, so you need to educate yourself. Although this Jamaican man wants to marry me, I have to open my eyes to what could be a set-up. I don’t know about you, but it may not be worth it to fake marriage, not even for the $10k or 20k.

In the process of dating a Jamaican man, some women get their feelings hurt. It could be that he was not honest and she fell for him or she wound up with a financial burden. Hopefully, the Jamaican man wants to marry me for me and I won’t become a part of the statistics.

You wouldn’t believe the horror stories of mental and physical abuse, infidelity and high debt immigration lawyers tell.

Immigration, Marriage, and Green Cards

Once you get married, you still must prove the relationship is real. In the interview with the immigration officer, you two must agree on answers only married people would know.

He may ask about the time frame in which you met, what kinds of movies does your partner watch, what foods does your partner not like and what position does he or she sleep in?

Besides that, your family must be at the wedding and you gotta take tons of happy pics. Like most married couples, open a joint bank account and do the things normal couples do. You don’t want to raise any red flags if you’re marrying solely for the green card.

Jamaican man wants to marry me
You must be prepared to answer a number of questions only a spouse would know.

Outside of asking probing questions, the investigator could pop up at your home or even check out your surroundings to see if you come home.

He will expect to find disparities in your life, like an age gap, different religious beliefs, and language barriers. Immigration may speak with the neighbors to find out any information they can and go digging into your public records.

This Jamaican man wants to marry me, so hopefully, it will satisfy the immigration officer, but if it doesn’t, he will deny the application. Everyone has the right to appeal, but it’s costly and ain’t nobody got time for that… or the money. I have a lot of thinking and praying to do, Y’all.  

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