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If you’re one of the thousands who are in long distance relationships, you probably see millions of love specks flying around. Trillions of love bubbles float in the air. Gazillions of heartbeats pounding just to see their beloved. It’s true. Distance hurts. But you know what is good here?

Time apart allows love to breathe and fonder. It may seem like a philosophical thought just riding in a vacuum or some phrase that only looks good in a literature book in the library, but practically, distance builds love.

Upolu Cay Wedding Postcard - 5 Pros of Long Distance Relationships

However, the distance can also bring love to its knees and seize it badly. But it all boils down to two individuals in long distance relationships and how strong they are. With long distance, they can take the plunge with it into a fire, and they can also shimmer down some light to their relationship.

All depends on what they do and what they get in the end. And no relationship works like magic. It’s all efforts. However, in the end, you get nothing but magic. Among the magic, here we explore 5 pros of long distance relationships that elevate yourself and your significant other.

Long Distance Relationships Needs Planning

You become better at planning. Hands down, no questions asked. If you are in it to make it work, you will plan better so you can communicate better. Long distance relationships will not survive without communication. You also find one thing, as an when you invest in this process.

You notice your love has grown its roots deeper and you start appreciating the efforts you, as an individual, has put. Maturity starts to kick in when you observe and realize this is evolving your love life into a better position.


Independence in relationships is a tricky job. Sometimes you let yourself be defined by your beloved. This might feel romantic, but in its fullest sense, can hail down on you if you overdo it. That’s precisely where distance hops in. It is seen as a problem most of the time, but I would say otherwise.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you no longer have another boat to rock. It’s always your boat which needs to be sailed, and you need to take care of it because you are all by yourself. It kicks in some truth in you that you need to be independent and still be fully leaned on to your beloved. It works both ways.

Communication is Critical in Long Distance Relationships

When you have less, you try to ooze the best from that. Communication works that way. I don’t mean to put down any relationship, but giving less importance when you have more at hand is a human tendency. It happens in long distant relationships, too.

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Communication is critical to a long distance relationship. Photo by @nappy

Often, it’s couples who meet almost daily don’t communicate as effectively as those couples who talk to each other after a time gap. It is just because, as you are with your partner daily, it becomes redundant for you always to make it special.

Subconsciously, you tell yourself, and even your partner, that it’s okay not to communicate effectively still because you can make it up anytime. Ha! It’s only a lazy excuse. When you and your beloved are far away from each other, you start appreciating even the smallest communication.

Have a Social Life

Couples who cannot leave each other’s back in a relationship often tend to isolate their friends and social circle just to be available to their beloved all the time. Now, this is a wrong practice…wrong, wrong, wrong!

While you should move mountains for your partner, you should have your own social life, too. In long distance relationships, you will automatically choose your social circle and in the time gap, find some ‘Me time’ so you don’t go in circles in your relationship.

More Than a Physical Relationship

Long distance relationships are a real test. Many relationships, masked by love, are in fact, the epitome of lust. Their only drive behind availing and owning their partner is limited to physical satisfaction or attraction.

When you are bound by physical desire, you tend to define your relationship in that prism. When you have miles of ocean between you and your beloved, you get to test your waters.

Long distance relationships can be cruel for many couples. We empathize with them. But always remember, love grows when there is space to breathe. 

This was a guest post written by Mudabbira Khan… Thank you! 

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