6 Things to Remember Before Going Backless

Whether you’re a curvy girl or a slim, model type, confidence is your best friend when wearing a backless, black dress!

going backless - Beautiful woman of color going backless dress beautiful
Girl, you look fantastic in that backless dress! Your confidence is showing.

Before going backless, there are a few things you should know. One is “Trendy is the last stage before tacky” – Karl Lagerfeld  🙂 

Fashion trends can make you stand out at a dinner party or anywhere for that matter, but it can also be terrible if handled without care. Fashion is a fire which can enlighten your lifestyle and at the same time, it can lead to disasters, ending with unwelcome embarrassment.

Crudely, fashion is a style of living. It is an art… an interpretation. The portrayal of the art is carried out on a canvas and that canvas is you.

Designers may create the fashion, but it is you who defines the style. And what is style? Style is your voice even before you speak.  People see your fashion sense as you enter a room.

Before one fashion fad grabs a foothold, another one pushes it out. In other words, fashions are destined to fade, but style is eternal.

Fashions fade, but style is eternal

There are different kinds of fashions such as vintage fashions, aristocratic fashions, film-style fashions, peasant class fashions, Bohemian fashions, casual and much more. One of the fashion trends you can spot almost in every party is backless dresses.

They are elegant, classy, exotic and sassy at the same time. They go very well on every occasion, whether it is a bachelorette party or your aunt’s Christmas party or an office party. But there is a catch.

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before going backless because instead of being a center of attraction to all the eyes, you can end up being the gossip to all the tongues.

Here are a few tips which will ensure the next time you think of going backless, you have everything needed, checked positively.

6Say “Cheese!”

This is the foremost task to remember. If you know that you must attend the wedding of a close friend in three weeks, start exercising and tightening your back muscles. You will not want to turn the attention off the bride and groom onto you and your backless dress.

Going the extra mile to look your best at the wedding is definitely worth the glamorous look you are imagining yourself in.

5Correct posture

The major wardrobe malfunctions accredited to backless dresses is due to faulty posture. The sassy look comes with a price. If you are wearing a backless dress, make sure you do not slouch or bend. One wrong move can stain the whole evening.

Not just that, if you are from India or anywhere else for that matter, you will have to face the rumors and the mumbling voices at every social gathering you attend thereafter. Ugh.

4High hair is a must

Please do not insult the backless dress with long, flowing hair covering your back which you want to expose. I have seen a lot of women do that and I have just two words for them – “fashion disasters.” So, avoid making that fashion mistake and pull the hair up.

Just sit and let the dress handle elegance. Exaggerate the boldness by folding a high bun as a sophisticated hairdo. There are innumerable varieties of buns, and all of them will go well with your dress and will, in fact, enhance the effect of the dress.

3Glow in the dark skin

Going backless means the back skin should be hydrated so it glows. The skin on your back must be moisturized properly if you are even thinking of going backless.

Do not commit the folly of assuming because it’s an evening party no one will notice because they will! The blinding lights will only make you more visible.

Pulling off a backless dress means you should have an even tone and smooth back. Use bath brushes to help exfoliate the skin. Just pour a few drops of baby oil in your bath and see the difference in how your skin looks and feels.

2Correct Bra

The biggest obstacle in front of going backless is the bra! When you spend your whole weekend finding the best backless dress in the city and forget to a buy a bra that goes with it, you will regret it. Oh, and please, if you decide to go braless, the dress should have built-in support.

Some women are uncomfortable at the thought of going without a bra as it makes them extra conscious of their appearance. People will notice your uneasiness. Depending on the dress, you may have to browse through several bras to find the correct fit.

Just for reference, try searching transparent strap bras, silicon stick bras, lower back strap bras or U-plunge backless strapless bras. My favorite place to dilute my style and fashion dilemmas is Figleaves. You could find every type of bra ever made at Figleaves!


This is the final and perhaps the most important component of your evening out and being backless. Put on the dress with full confidence and without any uncertainties.

If you are trying something like this for the first time, it is always advisable to try out the dress before a day or two of the actual party.

Try the dress, hairdo, and heels altogether and practice moving with confidence in the attire. If you feel unsure, either seek fashion help from some friends and if that doesn’t work, DO NOT WEAR THAT DRESS. Yes, you heard right!

You cannot spend hours wearing a dress you do not feel comfortable in. You will end up pulling at the straps or adjusting your dress from the front.

If you feel unsure about going backless or wearing it out in public, pick out one that allows you to show off your best assets. Instead of flaunting your back, maybe you’ll feel comfier flaunting your beautiful legs or belly button.

Bottom Line

It is not the dress, but the holder of the dress who adds to the beauty. Do not dress to impress others when you are yourself not impressed with your look. Impress yourself first and then anything you wear will impress others.

Wearing a backless dress is a dream come true for some women, but remember if you’re going backless sit up straight and be proud.

Muster up the courage, conquer the factors that are keeping you from the bliss of going backless and feel the electricity. People will be in shock over you and that backless dress!

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