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Need ways to motivate kids to learn? Worried about your kid’s performance and development? Like most parents, you probably are concerned about your child’s ability to learn and are doing what’s best for your child.  Being a big part of his life, you are constantly thinking of ways to motivate kids to learn, play and love life!

You want your child to score well on all subjects, so you give them adequate exposure for learning beyond the school’s walls, but what motivates kids to learn? Teachers only provide the keys to the academic growth of your child. Sadly, most schools have limited resources. In light of this, you should never restrict a child’s learning and development to the classrooms

Ways to Motivate Kids to Learn, Play, and Love Life small child on tablet
The internet can be a useful tool while teaching children how to comprehend a story, do math problems and to grow herbs and spices. Photo by Annie Spratt

The internet also plays a vital role in how a kid learns, whether it is through gaming or educational portals. Most students are able to access assignments, PSLE tuitions, and get help with assignments all online.

Some of these programs know how to motivate kids to do homework. You can get outstanding results if you help your child apply the techniques. If you use them or if you are thinking about it, here are a few ways to motivate kids to learn. 

Let Them Pick

Give your kids a chance to choose the subject of his/her choice. Never try to control this because it could restrict their vision and ability. In practical situations at school and also at home, allow the child to make simple decisions like choosing the topics for their projects by themselves.

Give them the opportunity to choose their extracurricular activities. It will increase their involvement and they will likely go beyond anyone’s expectations. When they are able to give their input about their learning environment and activities, they perform better.

Observe Their Learning Style

How to motivate kids to read? Well, as every kid is different, their learning styles also differ. One child can learn best by seeing how it works, others learn by listening. However, you can mix both styles and enhance their learning capacity. As one of the many ways to motivate kids to learn, this could set the standard as their preference for learning new things.

Motivating Kids to Read

Give your child the gift of a reading environment conducive to your kid’s age and enthusiasm. By doing so, they will be able to expand their vocabulary, formal communications and improve their concepts of learning. A reading habit can help your kids score well in subjects like English.

Ways to Motivate Kids to Learn, Play, and Love Life, children looking at map
Motivational books for kids are still great tools to help stir things up a bit. Photo by lonely planet

With this in mind, you should never make reading stressful for your kids. Instead, make motivational stories for kids full of fun, provide them the reading books and material which they are interested in. Show your involvement and make time for family storytelling. Set aside about 20 or 30 minutes a day to motivate your kids for reading.

How to Motivate Your Kids to Learn While Playing

Ways to motivate kids to learn could include a weekend visit at an amusement park, zoo, museum or an aquarium. Make your kid’s road trips full of enjoyment as well as a learning experience. But never force them to come along to visit a place for which they are not excited about. Encourage your child to speak openly and honestly. 

Know Their Mood and Interest

Examine your kid’s mood and look for their subjects of interest, this will help them to achieve excellence in that particular topic. To help keep them enthusiastic about learning, use short motivational quotes for kids when you need them. By all means, let them explore which subject or topic interests them.

Focus on their strengths, help them in their weak areas, and congratulate them on their good score. These are proven ways to motivate kids to learn. Do recognize their small and big achievements and celebrate them both. This will boost their confidence and strengthen their desire to learn. 

Introduce Technology for Your Kids Learning

When kids get reluctant to basic learning methods, offer parents and teachers new ways to motivate kids to learn. There are plenty of innovative learning methods using online material and through apps. Websites like smiletutor provide online tutors and other online services like PSLE tuitions. The help your kids to learn and score higher grades on exams. Online video tutorials are also available for kids who love to watch and learn.

Good Luck!

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