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What if your man couldn’t afford diamonds? Would you wear cubic zirconia instead? Many of us would say no, but then we don’t really understand what zirconia is, we just think it’s cheap. However, it is not always the case. Let me tell you why I think cubic zirconia is better than diamonds.

Known to be the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), cubic zirconia is a hard, flawless and usually a colorless material. Cubic zirconia can be cut and shaped into an array of styles and designs. It is a timeless classic that can be used to manufacture beautiful jewelry.

The hefty price tags of diamonds always make cubic zirconia a perfect alternative form of jewelry. Not always it is possible to purchase diamond jewelry of your choice. Cubic zirconia or in other words, faux diamonds can be the perfect idea to gift your loved ones.

Be it a pendant, necklace or a pair of earrings, can you tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia? Both kinds of jewelry are sophisticated and beautiful to look at.  Some of the reasons I feel cubic zirconia is better than diamonds are as follows-

Affordable Price

Paying for diamonds and a wedding, too, can be difficult,  when you are running on a tight budget. Not everyone can afford to buy diamond jewelry for their loved ones. Price is one factor that makes cubic zirconia jewelry a perfect option. Your partner can have a beautiful zirconia engagement ring without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Why Cubic Zirconia is Better Than Diamonds
Instead of getting an expensive wedding ring, quality cubic zirconia will do. Photo by chuttersnap

Cubic zirconia, also known as simulated diamonds, is appealing. You pay much less and yet get the same shine and sparkle on your stones. Getting a huge cubic zirconia ring sparkling on your finger can be a far better engagement ring than a diamond you can’t see. So, for smart jewelry buyers, cubic zirconia jewelry is a good deal without spending too much on diamonds.

Beauty Coupled with Elegance

There is no denying the fact cubic zirconia jewelry is a perfect combination of beauty and elegance. Its clarity and sparkle are similar to any simulated gemstone and not less than diamonds. The bright and appealing beauty of zirconia jewelry is perfect for any occasion.

Be it your engagement party, office parties or anniversary gatherings, cubic zirconia jewelry goes well with all your attire.

Somehow, diamonds are cloudy in appearance. This is not the case with cubic zirconia jewelry. With almost no imperfections, zirconias are amazing expressions.

Availability of Colors

Usually, in the case of diamonds, colorless stones are the most valued due to their rarity and beauty. Cubic zirconia is usually lab-created, and manufacturers can control the final product to a great extent. Cubic zirconia can be colored too. However, colored diamonds, especially red, pink green and blue stones are very expensive. They are beyond the budget of many consumers.

Why Cubic Zirconia is Better Than Diamonds
You can buy her the ring she wants in color. Photo by andy holmes

So, in this case, colored cubic zirconia is better than diamonds. It is the perfect alternative if you are looking for colored stones with the same sparkle. You can always get reliable cubic zirconia jewelry online, retail shops or wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry market at an affordable rate.

Cubic Zirconia Value

When you purchase faux diamonds or simulated jewelry, it is often said to be a great value for money by jewelry lovers. One of the main reasons cubic zirconia jewelry is a great value is its price.

Apart from affordability, cubic zirconia looks the same even years down the line. The same sparkle and beauty of different colored stones retain its beauty even after years of use. With this said, cubic zirconia is better than diamonds because you can purchase it at an affordable rate making it the perfect value for your money!

Sustainable Choice

Is cubic zirconia stronger than diamond? Diamonds are a natural resource. One in four diamonds in the market is conflict stones. Mined in war zones, it’s easiest to sell conflict diamond stones to finance insurgencies.

Lab-created, cubic zirconia is a sustainable choice when you compare it to diamonds. Cubic zirconia is always conflict-free and ethical. There is no such controversy surrounding this material.

Great Travel Companion

Cubic zirconia is better than diamonds in that it’s the perfect travel choice. When you compare it to diamonds, it gives the same clarity and sparkle, but it’s safer.

For example, say you’re traveling long distances and you have your real diamonds on hand. There is a risk of losing your diamond jewelry, therefore, cubic zirconia is an ideal alternative. You can carry it instead of wearing diamond jewelry and incur a huge loss if lost or stolen.

What is Better Than Cubic Zirconia? 

These are some of the reasons cubic zirconia is better than diamonds. It’s an alternative to expensive diamonds. You can see a variety of designs and styles online for this kind of jewelry. However, you need to check the quality before you purchase your favorite piece.

It is always better to go for renowned authentic jewelers from a retail store or a wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry market where you get to choose the right piece after checking it. The diverse collection of cubic zirconia jewelry is better than diamonds.

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