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Timber look tiles have great value as they tend to shoot up housing prices like no other. After all, the floor space is something that draws a lot of attention for all the right reasons. When you decide to buy a house for your family or to redecorate, you should take this into consideration. You could have a mosaic flooring and it wouldn’t pack the kind of punch a floor that look like real wood can. 

Why Should You Choose Timber Look Tiles?

Given the environmental constraints, taking real wood, carving, crafting it into a floor space like material can be challenging. On moral grounds, it is not even recommended. But does that mean you compromise on the luxury factor of the house?

Should you let go of the theme and design you have in mind that you have always dreamt of? Well, of course not. You could buy the Singapore timber look tiles. After you understand the requirements of the space you want to optimize, decide on the color. 

Porcelain and Vitrified Tiles

Timber look tiles are something which has become a catchphrase in the construction industry. You can make use of porcelain and vitrified tiles which have a wooden look such that you do not have to compromise on the look and feel of the floor which you and your spouse had in mind. 

How Is It Useful?

For starters, there is no fret of termites with timber look tiles. No wood, no termites. How simple is that? Is it necessary you have a specific wooden print? Generally, timber look tile print is not symmetric although it is usually the case with real wood flooring.

These timber look tiles can be printed as you like to have a symmetrical structure which gives it a naturally weather-beaten look. Distressed woods are ever popular now, but the look is timeless. Tiles with natural patterns and designs are more attractive and have the largest buyer base.

What Else Does It Have To Offer?

Versatility is one of the leading reasons. These timber look tiles do not have any constraints like the real wooden floor. It is smooth, easy to maintain and clean too! The flooring patterns can be designed as per the requirement and the floor space available. 

Give your room light, but be careful not to dull your flooring with too much sunlight.

Be adventurous! Change the color, the styling, the pattern, or change the reflection quotient. You could customize and renovate a corner of the house which reflects the right amount of light to make it a cozy space for that desk or coffee table. Whatever you want, timber look tile is available for customization on all fronts.

Wrapping It Up

Mix and match of all kinds of timber look tile styles. Try a combination of darker and lighter colors which can adorn the floors and walls alike. A glazed porcelain floor is the latest trend and can be found at any store or even an online space.

Guest Author Bio:
Kendal Smith is a freelance blogger. Being a homemaker, too, he loves blogging about home decor, home improvement, and home maintenance.

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