This Low Calorie Dish Heals the Body. Find Out What It Is Here!

Experts say by implementing the right foods into an individual's daily intake, some medical illnesses or weakening conditions improve.

dish heals the body - Fennel flat bread with a zucchini black hummus and a red pepper Muhammara Sauce
Fennel flat bread with a zucchini black hummus and a red pepper Muhammara Sauce. image Stefania Olivares
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This low calorie dish heals the body, Y’all. You see, having the advantage of living an international lifestyle, it was awfully easy for Stefania Olivares to make the transition from being the recipient of fine foods to cooking and serving delectable, attractive, authentic recipes and dishes.

Her favorite ethnic recipes call for fresh, raw produce and meat proteins, which make excellent nutritional sources that promote cardiovascular health, smooth digestive issues, improve skin problems and help regulate mood swings.

Stefania became engulfed with the whole idea of restoring good health naturally while helping a family member recover from a debilitating condition in 2004. 

Through personal experiences, research and education, she came to realize how a dish heals the body. Stefania Olivares uses specific foods, herbs, and spices assist the body in the self-healing process.

With this understanding of how foods affect the body, mind, and soul, Ms. Olivares can unite people with menus that rebuild and repair the body.

Meet the Perfect Dish

An education in nutrition and cooking enables her to pass on knowledge by providing an international meal plan which goes above the traditional bland, dietary ideas.

Cooking for the family takes on new meaning as we take advantage of the numerous and diverse health and fitness benefits of eating lavishly and how a dish heals the body.

The feature photo is a savory but simple recipe made with zucchini and a red pepper Muhammara Sauce. It’s low calorie and has plenty of protein. I invite you to keep reading and find out why this low-calorie dish heals the body is as good as it looks and why you should put it on your table.

  • Zucchini. Did you know that just one cup of crunchy zucchini has only 36 calories in it? Eating zucchini aids the digestive system by improving regularity, improves blood sugar, and contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Zucchini also has magnesium which helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks.
  • Spicy Red Peppers. If you’re looking for a hot and spicy antioxidant, red peppers are your answer and they come without guilt… no sugar – no fat and only 6 calories. The additional benefits of this flaming red pepper are pain-relief as well as it absolutely strengths the immune system so that the body can fight off heart disease, inflammation, and certain cancers.
  • Hummus. Hummus, at last, is popular in the US. The profits are tremendous in that hummus owns a large amount of protein and we need protein to build muscle, improve blood health and prevent cancer cells from forming.
  • Fennel. Suffering from constipation, diarrhea, sight issues, or respiratory disorders? You can benefit from eating fennel.

Keep a Record!

To assist in achieving your wellness goals, it’s a great idea if you record the milestones and keep a daily diary of foods, beverages, calories, and of your weight. Check your smartphone for a bite-size health application that could make keeping records convenient for yourself.

Changing the way you eat doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than a succulent meal. I will show you how to prepare these meals so we all can enjoy the best healing recipes. This way, you will understand more how a particular dish heals the body.

The Promise

Promise to make the commitment to prepare the best organic foods to provide a healthier alternative to prescription medications and harmful chemicals. I believe everyone deserves to live the best life possible and that means filling our bodies with wholesome foods and thoughts.

The condition of the mind is every bit as important as the body when it comes to healing. Yes, we firmly believe in affirmations and teach that an optimistic and cheerful attitude is crucial to maintaining good health and being happy is necessary for total healing.

With this in mind, we will put nutrition, fun and sexy back into the core of your home – the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy this article and understand how a dish heals the body. If you did, please invite your friends to visit this website for ideas on meals, snacks, shakes and please share your recipes.

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