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When a guy calls you sexy, what is he really saying? Do you argue or just take the compliment? I think women should take the compliment no matter what they are feeling about themselves at the moment. If you say anything derogatory back when a guy calls you sexy, it’s like saying you’re really not, but you know you are, so just go with it.

Some people can’t take a compliment and it’s sad. Are you one of those people? Stop that. It’s great to get a compliment. When a guy calls you sexy, respond with a simple “thank you.” You don’t have to look deep inside yourself to find the sexiness he sees. It’s there.

sexy woman holding sunglasses sitting on bench green suit nappy collection pexels
Sexy is an attitude! Photo from the Nappy Collection Pexels

When a guy calls you beautiful, what does that mean? Well, for starters, he means it and he’s actually vulnerable at that exact moment. Oh yeah… I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Well, he is and I’ll tell you another secret, but you got to keep reading.

What The Compliment Really Means

We all want to understand our man better. They live on Mars Drive sometimes, but when a guy looks you in the eyes and tells you that you’re sexy as hell, he’s feeling you. Yep, he’s emotional and he’s trying to express something to you. Actually, he’s trying to strengthen the relationship in his own way.

Some men find it difficult to give compliments, so one straight from the heart is one you should mark down on the calendar, boo. You’ve been waiting for him to show his emotions and now you have his attention, check yourself.

When a guy calls you sexy, don’t let him down. If you deny him the pleasure, he will hardly give you another compliment and you’ll be upset. Well, that’s what David Wygant says anyway. David is a relationship coach and author of “How to Speak Man.”

When a guy calls you sexy, the coach assures us your man is trying to open up to you, not that he’s seeking a compliment in his direction, although a few kinds words wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know if you know it or not, but most men are visual creatures. They feel with their eyes, so to speak, then they get emotional.

What does it mean when a guy calls you sexy a lot? This means he’s really feeling you, girl. Okay! He’s starting to think just maybe you two could get something serious going. Well, maybe not serious, but take it to the next level. With that said, this is a critical point in your relationship and what you say and do next will determine if he will actually make that move.

How to Respond to this Compliment

Since women don’t always feel sexy when a man says she is, it’s important you realize what he’s really saying. When you come to understand his meaning, you can open up to him more. That’s what he wants as well… a deeper conversation. With this in mind, you should be able to respond to him positively and honestly.

What it Really Means When a Guy Calls You Sexy
Sexy means a lot of things… it could be the way you sit or the way you hold your head. Photo by Elias de Carvalho from Pexels

How you feel about yourself is definitely important. It will also determine how you answer his compliment. If you must, practice saying, “Thank you.” When a guy calls you sexy and if you don’t feel sexy, maybe you need to adjust a few things about yourself. Is it time for a new hairstyle or some new rags?

I mean, sexy is an attitude. It’s not something you can put your finger on. You can be sexy and not especially attractive. I want you to know this. You can have this walk that makes you sexy or the way you eat your donuts can turn him on.

Sexy could be the way you laugh, the way you smile, or how smart you are. Being sexy means he appreciates your beauty whether it’s coming from the inside or the outside.

When a Guy Calls You Sexy, What Does That Mean?

Sexy means you have this aura – you have something that makes a man think of having sex when he looks at you. This could be your booty, your breasts or your lips. You don’t have to have a big booty either to be sexy or to ooze sex appeal. Plenty of women… small women have “it.”

Baby, when you have “it,” umm, you can do some things. Yes, indeed. Sexy women can walk into a room and it can be a hundred beautiful women there, but all heads turn to her. If this happens to you, then you’re sexy. Unhuh.

Oh, please don’t confuse sexy with being cute or beautiful. They are not the same. I’ve seen beautiful women who were not sexy. Again, sexy is an attitude and it’s confident. When a guy calls you sexy, take the compliment, Anna Mae!

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