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It’s important you support your partner building their career. You may have to take turns, however, if both of you have dreams. Be that as it may, it’s not uncommon in relationships for only one partner to have strong aspirations in terms of professional goals.

You may think about developing professional success, whether somebody works as an employee or starts their own business, is their personal concern. However, your partner’s happiness and financial security will depend on their ability to develop their career.

If you want your dream home, as the person they depend on the most, you are uniquely situated to support your partner building their career and help them move through the process. Crystal Bradshaw, a relationship counselor, says when you support your partner building their career helps you to become a better partner. 

Help Them Approach the Task Logically

Developing a career plan can seem intimidating to many people. Far too many people with big ambitions focus only on the end goal and don’t look at the individual steps necessary to make it a reality. A career plan can make achieving bigger goals more attainable.

Support your partner and make their goals more reachable by looking at all the steps necessary to achieve their professional dreams. Create a list of skills and experience on their resume. Commit to the career plan and remind your partner to look back at the career plan when he or she feels frustrated or stagnated.

Try Just Listening and Not Talking 

Sometimes, ladies, we just need to be quiet and just listen. We can talk too much when all we need to do is nod our heads in agreement and serve up the drinks, rub his feet, or just hold him.  When he’s blowing off steam, he just wants to be heard. 


When he feels as though he can talk to you, it changes the game in more ways than one. According to Rachel Astarte, a transformational coach for couples and singles at the Healing Arts New York you should just be there to support your partner instead of putting in your two cents.

Support Your Partner by Focusing on Long-Term Goals 

The developmental process for a professional career can take months or even years. During that time, your loved one may have to sacrifice spending quality time with you, contributing around the house, or just pursuing things for pleasure. It’s going to be difficult times ahead, but you can handle it.

Loving Ways to Support Your Partner Building Their Career black couple kissing
When you support your partner’s dreams, you’re only supporting your dreams of a happy life together. photo by Michael Morse

While you want to work to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, it’s important you focus on the long-term benefits of all of this effort and sacrifice. Don’t derail your partner’s efforts by making them feel some type of way about their career goals. Be forgiving when your loved one has to focus on their career.

Support your partner, but don’t forget about your needs. Keep your dates with your friends and family, because you shouldn’t shut them out of your life while attending to your partner’s needs. You must take care of yourself in order to be there for your partner. However, don’t make your partner feel guilty about not being able to be at family functions.

Support Your Partner With Practical Support

For people in periods of intense stress, practical support is invaluable. Phillip Swindall, author of “9 Steps to Becoming a Supportive Partner” suggest if you can take over some of your partner’s household responsibilities, whether that’s cooking or balancing the budget for the month, do it.

Handling household tasks and other stressors your loved one has to deal will help ensure they can focus completely on career development instead of on the minutiae of daily life. By offering to support your partner in this manner, you are doing something tangible to help them achieve their dreams.

After all, the whole point of helping your partner develop professionally is to secure a better future both of you want. With the right focus and attitude, you can be a critical part of your loved one’s professional development. With this in mind, support your partner building their career.

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