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More than you know, good men are actively seeking the woman of his dreams. We only think good men are tough to find because most women haven’t found themselves. This can make relationships even more challenging to maintain.

When there are two people who have entirely different personalities, backgrounds, likes, and dislikes, it is sometimes difficult to find someone who appreciates you for who you truly are.

Though most people think about beauty and character as the two primary features that attract a man to a woman. The truth is there’s more to relationships than just a big booty. Everyone looks for a partner they can stay with forever. They look for a bond that can continue to grow even when they get old and frail.

5 Traits That Will Make You the Woman of His Dreams
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While each man has his own preferences when looking for the love of his life, these five characteristics will make you appealing to every man. So, let’s talk about the qualities of a good woman you should instill in your personality so you can become a little more approachable.

How to be Irresistible to Men?

This one is a no-brainer. Be confident! Men are always on the hunt for the woman of his dreams –   women who’re confident. Women who aren’t afraid to get what they deserve and work hard for it.

However, don’t think confidence has anything to do with your personality type because even introverts can be self-assured in whatever they do. Days, when women were only appreciated for their beauty, are long past us.

Today’s man is looking for a partner who speaks her mind and has opinions about everything important. She’s not afraid to get her word across and knows how to articulate or to express herself without sounding ratchet.

The woman of his dreams is independent and accepts her flaws because she understands she is just a human being, trying to live her life to the fullest. So, if you think you have confidence and it shows, then you already have one thing down every man is looking for.

The Woman of His Dreams is Honest

Honesty is a quality we all look for when we’re on searching for a potential partner. If you want to attract the man of your dreams or vice versa, you need to be true to yourself. This is what men find irresistible.

A man needs to know he isn’t getting involved with someone who stretches the truth, hides the truth or doesn’t even know what the truth is. He surely doesn’t want a woman who would cheat because a relationship like that can never last. Although men put up a rough and tough demeanor, they are easily hurt by the things their partner does.

The goal here is to be the woman of his dreams, so be at ease with who you are. For instance, instead of trying to act like you’re enjoying the party, be honest about the fact that you’re more comfortable at home, in a more intimate setting.

Remember there’s nothing wrong with wanting things a particular way. While you want to be the woman of his dreams, relationships require some compromise and you shouldn’t forgo your core personality just to impress someone.

The Woman of His Dreams Has a Sense of Humor

Another important trait you need to possess is a good sense of humor. Black and Married with Kids know couples have moments of serenity and complete chaos because when they’re dealing with each other. There are days when you might not like each other a whole lot.

This is when you’ll need a laugh to get past your differences. While it is easy to fake laughter at someone’s jokes when you’re still new to the relationship, it becomes harder as you mature together.

Though you don’t have to fall in love with someone’s humor on your first date, you can invest time in finding how their mind works as you grow to care for each other. If you’re the woman of his dreams, you’ll know how to take your partner’s jokes as they are. You won’t get offended by the slightest quips because you know your man.

Besides, no one likes someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Men appreciate a woman who can laugh at her own mistakes and his, too.

Your Compatibility  

Though a lot of people talk about how vital it is to be compatible with someone, no one really sits down to explain what compatibility really means. In a nutshell, compatibility is where you don’t have to work to be with your partner.

Though you may experience ups and downs through your time together, each day shouldn’t be a struggle where you have to mind your tongue and count to ten. If you’re compatible, you’ll be easy around each other and feel right about being together, no matter how long your relationship has lasted.

This, in the real sense, is not a quality but something you experience when you find someone who is attracted to you and vice versa. However, when a man finds the woman of his dreams, you don’t have to fight for his attention in the relationship. If you’re constantly begging him to be with you it’s a definite sign you’re not compatible or the woman of his dreams.

Your Compassion

While it’s alright to joke and great to have a sense of humor, you should be compassionate towards others. Empathy is crucial because, in times of need, when either you or your partner is feeling down, you’ll need to show love, understanding, and support.

Moreover, Psychology Today suggest men also appreciate benevolence because they’re looking for a woman who shares their hopes and dreams, and motivates them to go forward. A woman who is sympathetic and kind will encourage her man even when he is ready to accept defeat will likely be the woman of his dreams.

Becoming the woman of his dreams is easy when you practice compassion in your daily life. Nevertheless, you should be considerate to other people.

Want to be the Woman of His Dreams?

Finding a partner who appreciates you for who you are can be difficult in a time when people are used to faking their personalities. However, if you possess most of these 5 qualities, you’ll not just be appreciated for your beauty and brains, but also for your character.

After all, who doesn’t want a soulmate who is confident about what they want, honest about who they are, has a great sense of humor, and above all, is compatible and compassionate? Before you go, check out this video to hear what Bernardo Mendez has to say. Maybe he can help. 

Consider this your holy grail to become the woman of his dreams… the woman every man is looking for. Sling your pink leather jacket on your shoulder and grab the bull by its horns!

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Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. Writing is truly her passion. She loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech and relationships as well. Basically, she’s no different from any other woman… Ashley is crazy about chocolate. You can find out more about #AshleyRosa on her Twitter page, @ashrosa2.

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