Vaginal dryness is a common problem of menopause according to the WebMD and most women silently suffer. When women reach a certain point in their lives, they can also experience painful sex. This could be due to vaginal dryness or some other problem. Only if you have been diagnosed with a dry vagina by a professional, should you use V Tight Gel to get relief. 

In fact, we recommend you speak with your gynecologist before trying the gel, although thousands of women use it with success. It’s important to know how to use V Tight Gel before you start applying the treatment. On the other hand, you may prefer natural ways to feel better.

6 Easy Steps to Cure Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex vaginal dryness

Some women just feel more comfortable using natural cures and that’s okay, too. Because we agree natural remedies work, we’ve listed 6 easy steps to cure vagina dryness, so read on, ladies.

6Use Hygienic Products to Prevent Vaginal Dryness

To start with, it is important you use good products for your vaginal hygiene. Don’t use soap or body wash that disturbs the Ph balance of the vagina. Use mild wash or products meant to clean the vagina. This ensures proper hygiene of the area and helps to maintain the Ph balance of the vagina.

5Maintain a Good Diet

Have a diet full of green veggies and fresh fruits. Include lots of food sources with omega 3 fatty acids in your diet plan. This takes care of hormonal imbalance of your body. Stay away from foods high in fats and carbs.

Also, try to avoid excess sugar in your diet. Preparing the proper meals or even taking a supplement will help ensure you’re getting all the vitamins you need to prevent vaginal dryness in the first place.

4Have Regular Intercourse to Prevent Vaginal Dryness

Having regular intercourse will increase the blood circulation in your vaginal area. This will not only provide relief from dryness but also help you deal with the problem of painful sex. You can also apply V Tight Gel to lubricate the area.

This will help to prevent dryness and let you enjoy an active sex life. However, the use of the gel should be regular.

3Wear Comfortable Underwear to Prevent Vaginal Dryness

Choose underwear that is not only soft but also comfortable. If you wear synthetic underwear, then it may cause some problems in the vaginal area. Synthetic underwear can restrict air to the vaginal area causing dryness.

Choose cotton underwear for your regular use. Cotton is a breathable fabric so it will prevent dryness in your vaginal area.

2Use Natural Lubricants

You can also opt for natural lubricants to get rid of vaginal dryness and painful sex. Coconut oil has natural moisturizing properties and it can also act as a lubricant. You can apply coconut oil in the vaginal area to get rid of dryness.

Being a lubricant, it can also help to deal with the problem of painful sex. However, the effect of this depends on individual body type. Use it only if you feel comfortable.

1Exercise is Very Important

Regular exercise not only provides oxygen to the body but also increases your blood circulation. Try to exercise for about an hour on a daily basis. This will help to cure vaginal dryness.

Regular exercise also helps to maintain the hormonal imbalance of the body. It also helps to stimulate the adrenal glands and ovaries.

Lubrication and gels can help you deal with vaginal dryness in an effective way. You can easily get rid of vaginal dryness with the above steps, but you’re welcome to take a look at this video on V Tight Gel. 


Guest Author Bio:
Amy Villasenor is a freelance writer and a health blogger. She uses her passion for writing to share her experience. Through her years of research, she aspires her readers get the treatment for health issues like intimate care and guides them on how to use V Tight Gel without any hassle.

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