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If you have ever seen a romantic comedy film, you probably are familiar with some very common romantic clichés like a carriage ride through Central Park. While there are some people who find things like this incredibly cheesy and they would never try to surprise their significant other with a scenario like this.

They exist for a reason, and that reason is millions of men and women, US-residents or not, find romantic evenings incredibly appealing. And that is why New York City has turned over the years into a very romantic touristic destination.

These are some of the most romantic things you can do in New York City:

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

If you and your significant other are not afraid of the heights, a very original and romantic thing you can try while you are in New York is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Romantic Things To Do In New York City
The Brooklyn Bridge at night is an incredible site to see.

One of the most iconic landmarks in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is also one of the oldest bridges in America and has an amazing and very interesting gothic-style architecture that makes for intellectual conversations while you take a 30-minute romantic walk with your partner.

If you plan your walk near dusk, you can enjoy amazing views of Lower Manhattan and you might even catch the exact moment when all the lights from the city start to switch on. While this is a simple –and free- option, it certainly makes for a very romantic evening.

Have a picnic at Central Park

Probably every romantic film ever includes at least a picnic scene, and if the film is set in New York City, the picnic will always be at Central Park.

Central Park is the most iconic park in the entire United States –and arguably the world- and it is the main landmark of New York City. It’s one of the incredibly romantic things to do in New York City. Imagine, a place to have a movie-like scene with your significant other… bring some homemade food and bring a picnic basket. 

Don’t forget the fresh baked bread and wine. This is going to be a night to enjoy.  A classic, old-style picnic is guaranteed to be a memory neither you nor your partner will ever forget.

Attend a Jazz Show

Harlem is a neighborhood located in Manhattan that is incredible for jazz lovers. Even when Harlem used to have a bad reputation for being insecure, thanks to the cultural revolution and increased police presence, now is a perfectly safe place to go to attend a jazz show.

Romantic Things To Do In New York City
Radio City Music Hall is a legendary landmark. You can’t go to New York and not lay your eyes on this!

If you and your significant other are fans of classical jazz, a fine glass of wine and some amazing ambiance, Harlem has dozens of different cultural forums, cafes and jazz bars where you can go to enjoy some delightful jazz –and even soul and other genres- paired with drinks and food.

After you enjoy the live act that night, you can certainly have some deep conversations with your partner. What you talk about will add the final, emotional touch to an already-romantic evening in New York.

Attend a Broadway Show

Probably one of the most iconic theaters in the world, Broadway is always offering world-class plays or shows that are the perfect mix between a romantic and a cultural evening with your significant other.

Since Broadway tickets can sometimes be a little expensive, you should make sure to plan ahead to get the most out of your money and research what particular plays or shows are coming soon to Broadway.

This way, you are not only guaranteed to spend money on something you really enjoy, but you can choose the most appropriate show. Be nice and pick a show according to your significant other’s particular tastes.

Just by doing a quick internet research, you can find what shows are offered that day.  You can even buy your tickets online to make sure nothing goes wrong.  It is absolutely one of the most romantic things to do in New York City.

Go to the Hayden Planetarium

The Hayden Planetarium is not only a very interesting and amazing destination, it’s one of the places I recommend if you need some ideas for romantic things to do in New York City. Thanks to all the things you can learn about the universe, it is also a great option for first dates.

Since you can take a guided show that includes breathtaking views of galaxies and stars, you definitely won’t be experiencing any awkward silences. The tour guide has a voice like the famous astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Besides, after the show finishes, you will have a lot of topics to help you smooth the conversation a little if you need to.

Flickr Hayden Planetarium Romantic Things To Do In New York City
Flickr Hayden Planetarium

Visiting the Hayden Planetarium is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in New York City. Well, if you and your partner are science and nature enthusiasts, that is.

How to take a romantic tour if you are an international traveler?

All the things above sound great as romantic things to do in New York City, but you might be wondering how could you do them all if you are from a different country. Well, here is a short answer:

First, to exit your country –no matter where you live or where you’re going- you need a valid passport. This is issued by your own government and requirements vary depending on your country.

Then, you have to enter the United States. Depending on which country you are from, you might need a visa or to receive ESTA status. ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It’s a document you need to have if you were part of a Visa Waiver Program.

A quick internet search will take you to the official web page of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Use it to check if you are eligible to obtain ESTA status and the particular requirements and process you will have to follow. Don’t forget to make your checklist of romantic things to do in New York City! 

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