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Women over 50 tell how to look 10 years younger to women who are perhaps feeling insecure about aging. Growing older is not a bad thing and you should embrace every stage of your life.

With that said, you shouldn’t allow age to dictate how you dress, or wear your hair and makeup. Instead of trying to go back in the day and use those same old hairstyle and makeup tricks, order the airbrushed foundation. Once you get in the mail, try it. You won’t regret it one moment.

So when younger women want to know how to look years younger at 30 without undergoing surgery, you can point them in the right direction. All you have to do is to learn how to take care of your skin. Incorporate these makeup tricks and beauty tips into your everyday routine.

Hydrate Your Skin with a Good Moisturizer

The skin usually loses moisture as people age. When your skin is dehydrated, you can see more wrinkles and lines on your face. That is the signal you are in need of a proper moisturizer.

With a good moisturizer applied morning and night, your skin will receive the essential hydration it needs. This is a sure way to reduce dry lines if not total elimination. Furthermore, it is important to use an anti-aging moisturizer since its active ingredients fight the aging signs.

You can also apply hydrating masks on your face one or two times a week. It will plump out your facial skin with moisture and lessen visible wrinkles and fine lines.

Also, remember to hydrate your skin internally by drinking up to 64 ounces of water daily. This is the best advice on how to look 10 years younger naturally.

Make Your Skin Glow 

There is nothing that makes women over 50 looks tired, dull and older than dead dry skin. On the other hand, having brighter skin makes a person look radiant, youthful, and healthy.

Giving your skin a gentle exfoliating scrub twice or three times each week is necessary. By doing this, you will receive immediate results. In case you are in favor of chemical or natural exfoliates, make sure you apply them at night time, so you get maximum benefits. It will also reduce the risk of further damages to your skin.Women Over 50 Tell How To Look 10 Years Younger

After exfoliating, your skin will have higher chances of absorbing the moisturizer and your makeup will go on feeling softer and smoother. Besides, your complexion will be glowing. Moreover, fine lines will become less apparent.

To exfoliate properly, use scrubs or active exfoliating products that contain retinol, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, or fruit. Remember, women over 50 especially, should use protective measures like sunscreen while using any exfoliating products.

Apply Light Reflecting Makeup

Sara Elliot explains how to look 10 years younger by creating the perfect illusion with a light reflecting makeup. There are makeup techniques you dare not use when you are 50 or more such as frosty or matte textures. These styles will just make your skin appear dull and draw attention to your lines and wrinkles.  

Women over 50 choose makeup with light-reflecting ingredients. For greater effect, add primer or light-reflecting lotion before applying your makeup. This will soften your skin color and enable light to bounce off your makeup.

Another method to make light bounce off your reflection is by applying lip-gloss in place of lipstick which is what I prefer to do anyway. In addition, use a crème blush that has softer pearl texture instead of using dry powder blush. Do not use dry powder blush or matte eye shades since they will make you look older.

Women over 50 tell how to look 10 years younger at 40 by making sure whichever color you chose will be bright and light and not dark and deep. If you mistakenly apply colors too deep or dark, it will make you age instantly and give you an older look even more than your normal age.

Create Highlights on Your Hair

Applying highlights around your frontal hair is another secret of looking younger. It is the fastest way for women over 50 to look 10 years younger. However, make sure the highlights are subtle, so it can blend properly with your hair color with the appropriate contrast to lighten you up.

Now That You Look 10 Years Younger

Although there is no problem with women over 50 looking their age, the fact remains most of us enjoy the idea of looking younger than we are. The million dollar question is once you find out how to look 10 years younger at 50, are you ready for what happens next? If you are, just follow the steps listed in this article judiciously and graciously take the compliments.

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