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There are many ways to power up the passion between you and your partner such as going on romantic dates, but what about creating your own little love nest for yourselves right in the comfort of your own home.

If the mere thought of your bedroom leaves you cold, it might be time for a mini-makeover that will turn your boudoir into the perfect little love nest for you and your partner. The following guidelines will help you slip through the love-nesting process with ease.

Declutter Your Love Nest 

Is your bedroom filled with heaps of laundry, stacks of papers, boxes, and bags than your average department store? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, your room is in desperate need of a spring cleaning.

Start with your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in more than 12 months. I mean, let’s face it… if you haven’t worn something for more than a year, chances are you don’t really need it anyway.

Tackle your paperwork, neatly filing all important documents and receipts. Chuck out the rest of that mess. The same applies to your makeup and other beauty products – only keep what you use.

By all means, pass your excess supplies on to a friend or even a charity organization if the expiration date is still good. Yes, you should throw out beauty products after a certain length of time.

Wash your curtains (and shampoo your carpet or area rug), pull your love mattress out to get some fresh air and sun. Prepare to visually transform your old room from drab to fab.

Pick a Sensual Color Scheme

Regardless of how practical solid white walls may be, they just aren’t very romantic. When it comes to creating a perfect love nest you need to opt for a color scheme that is not only going to stimulate the senses but will be appealing to both you and your partner.

LOVE NEST kitchen with photo of red flowers How To Create Your Own Little Love Nest
You can use touches of red to make any room more romantic.

Although people often associate pinks and reds with love and romance you might want to refrain from making the room appear ‘too girly’ as even the most modern-day man may cringe at too much pink in a room. Red, black and white generally compliment each other beautifully and are a classy combination.

Create your own love nest with pastel palettes of pale pink, baby blue and lilac for a less dramatic look. Regardless of the main color scheme you choose, make sure you don’t accessorize with clashing colors as all hints of romance will soon leave the room when you place your mustard yellow cushion on your deep purple armchair.

Accessorize Your Love Nest

Nothing says romance quite like a few strategically-placed mirrors in a room. If you are not quite ready for a mirror on the ceiling, pick a free-standing one that you can move as desired.

How To Create Your Own Little Love Nest
Verbier Leaner Mirror – Style Our Home

Choosing curtains in a light, soft fabric will give the room a romantic air while blinds can be a good choice if you are seeking a more dramatic effect. Almost everyone loves bedding ideas from Crate and Barrel. Your bedding and curtains are big considerations when making over the love nest.

It is of vital importance to buy new, good quality bedding as no one wants to cuddle in a love bed with grandma’s sheets on them. Less is more when it comes to the print on your bedding as too many flowers, hearts and bows may end up making your man feel slightly uncomfortable.

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Create your own little love nest by accessorizing your room with romantic, attractive pieces. Framed photos (as long as they aren’t of your children, parents or exes) can add a nice romantic touch as can good wall art. A comfy couch, pretty rug or throw, faux-crystal chandelier can all add to the romantic atmosphere you are trying to create in your room.

Make Sure the Temperature is Just Right

It is hard to be in a romantic mood when you are either freezing or boiling hot. If your love rooms are prone to extreme temperature drops during the colder months you might want to accessorize with a portable fireplace for the chilly days.

There is a lot of visually-appealing and economical mounted electric, gas, and ethanol fireplaces on the market that will not only be practical but add a hint of romance to your own little love nest.

During summer, make sure you have a fan or air conditioner on standby for when it gets too toasty, ensuring it is always comfortable inside. Rather allow your passion to heat up the room instead of the scorching sun.

How To Create Your Own Little Love Nest
Fans can make all the difference in the world when placed correctly in a room.

When creating your own little love nest, it is important to remember it’s not all about Eve. The love rooms need to appeal to you and your partner and nobody else. If you both like the idea of fluffy stuffed pink flamingos adorning your nest, then no one has the right to frown upon it.

By following the guidelines above and delving into your own creativity you will undoubtedly be able to create a love story fit for writing your own romance novel.

One of the most romantic lines from Pride & Prejudice reads “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love… I love… I love you.” While your partner may not be a real-life Mr. Darcy, nothing prevents you from injecting a healthy dose of romance into your own little love nest or relationship.

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