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The fashion revolution has begun for plus size women dresses and the BBW. The curvy society feels a little sassy and bold, knowing they are swimming in a sea of size plus size fashions for today’s woman.

If you’re dating a BBW, you should know two struggles curvy women encounter is when looking for a dress meant for a special occasion are affordable plus size clothing and clothing that fit. Thankfully, there are so many plus size women dresses available today. You’ll find them online and shopping malls, but finding the right dress for curvy ladies takes a lot of patience and fitting the garments.

The problem men encounter in finding the perfect dress is they don’t have any idea which dress is perfect for her body type. Choosing the right plus size women dresses will not only flatter her figure but will also make her look amazing, increasing her confidence and making your lady the head-turner that she is.

Depending on her height and weight, she can be a blend of not only one common shape but two shapes. Knowing her body shape is not just the key, but understanding her shape and knowing what works to your BBW specific body type will guarantee a flattering, fashionable ensemble.

When a Jamaican man likes you, he will go out of his way to please you. He will want to learn more about choosing plus size women dresses because he like women with meat on their bones. Read on below to find out how to shop for plus size women dresses.

Shopping Plus Size Women’s Clothing Catalogs 

Women are beautiful in whatever shape. However, the easiest, and most important tip when choosing plus size women dresses is knowing her body shape. You have to find out if her shape is an apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle.

The Pear Shape

Pear-shaped women have wide hips, thick legs, and thighs, as well as a small waist and narrow shoulders. This is one of the most common shapes in women. However, there’s a fine line between a pear shape and the hourglass shape.

Choose plus size women dresses that will focus more on balancing the upper and lower half. A-line cuts in dresses and those that have a high waist solution will show off the waist.

The Hourglass Shape

Women who have an hourglass shape tend to have a large chest, that’s why it’s essential to find plus size women dresses that will fit and flatter her curves. Hourglass-shaped women look amazing in classic styles.

Still, cuts such as a shift dress, the Peplum style dress, and dresses with structure, make them the most versatile shapes out there. One thing the BBW must steer clear of is billowy plus size women dresses and loose tops as it may look like they’re drowning in too much fabric.

Men Need to Know How to Shop for Plus Size Women Dresses plus size shape chart
Use this chart to help determine the body shape. Photo credit dubli.blog

The Apple Shape

If she has slim legs, a large chest and if she carries her weight in the stomach and top half of her body, then her body shape is an apple. For apple shapes, it is important there’s shape in the waist since she carries most of the weight around the upper body. As the dress defines the waist, it will create an illusion of an hourglass shape in the ensembles.

The Rectangle Shape

The most distinctive part of rectangular shape women is their defined waist with the same bust and hips. The shape can make a big beautiful woman look boxy and boyish, so the goal is to find plus size women dresses that could make her look like she has curves to die for. Go for daring prints, messy tops, uneven cuts like tiered styles and heavy knits.

Most Flattering Plus Size Women Dresses

An A-line dress for plus size women resembles an A and it’s not meant to fit any part of her but will hide dense areas of her body. It will showcase a cinched waist and sometimes comes with matching sashes. When she wears an A-line dress, her top and bottom part will look equal, which makes it the most flattering dress style for curvy ladies.

Plus Size Women Dresses Colors

The old rule was if you’re heavy, you should never, ever wear white. The new rule when it comes to trendy plus size clothing is to find a flattering dress in whatever color you want. It does not always come down to the color, but the fit itself.

The color white will not make a BBW look large if it flatters her curves. Macy’s Plus Size VP Amy Spivok-Richman suggests when buying a dress with bright colors, choose one which compliments her complexion. The brightest of pink can be slimming when the cut and fit of plus size women dresses flatter her shape.

Try a Kaftan or Caftan Dress

The founder of Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee says some women think there’s a rule for created for full-figured women, restricting their style of dress. In addition, says Spivok-Richman, the same women also think the BBW shouldn’t wear flowy outfits either. Well, let me introduce you to the kaftan. It’s like a robe or a tunic dress and various cultures worldwide have been wearing them for decades.

Happily, there are different styles, uses and names for the kaftan, you may know it as a dashiki dress. If you’re bored with your usual plus size women dresses, the Bargain Box has unique clothing items if you dare to be different. Strut your stuff in a vintage-print kaftan. Wear to school, church and even to work, but especially during the coming holiday season where comfort and style are important.

The Wrap Dress

When in doubt, Jamaican girls, in particular, wear a wrap dress. The asymmetrical cut helps create a shape to the waist and it will flatten the tummy. If you have one. I find a large number of big girls who don’t have much of a bulging stomach. However, the wrap dress draws attention to her boobs. If this is the case, make sure the bra is fitting her twins properly.

Hourglass Shape Dress for All

If you want to create an hourglass figure, choose fit and flare plus size women dresses. The dress will automatically give a proportionate shape.

The Sheath Dress

Unfortunately, some full-figured feel nothing would fit them other than stretch fabrics like polyester, therefore, they would shy away from wearing a dress. The sheath dress is flattering for all body shapes is it helps add structure to the body. It automatically gives a tailored look by tucking in and camouflaging problem areas.

Show Some Shoulder

Off the shoulder dresses are a favorite in the plus-size community. It shows off a bit of skin, giving your outfit a sexy, teasing and playful look. It’s the perfect summer dress.

The key essential is to find a plus size women dress that will help give you a more balanced shape. While these tips will surely help you find the perfect outfit for whatever occasion you’re going to, it won’t look right if you don’t have the proper undergarments

Men Need to Know How to Shop for Plus Size Women Dresses

Curvy Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

You’re welcome! I hope you have fun shopping for plus size women dresses and actually find something she really and truly likes.  It’ll be major brownie points when you come home with lingerie that fits, too!  Yeah, she’ll be blown away.  We all know when mama’s happy… 😉 

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