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How can you spruce up your relationship? What’s the key to a happy relationship? Some may say it’s adventure, others claim it’s good communication, while the majority of people opt for the simple and humble answer — unconditional love.

The answer could simpler than you might expect; a simple outdoor project. 

And while all of those aspects are important in a relationship, each long-term couple faces the inevitable event of growing complacent. What’s more, author of The Breakup Bible recently told Women’s Health, “Expect it to happen, notice it, and try to make a change.” But the question is, how can the average couple put the spark back into their day-to-day life?

Read on to find out how to spruce up your relationship with a simple outdoor project.

Outdoor Projects Can Spruce Up Your Relationship

Maybe you’ve been thinking about renovating the house? Get your partner involved and do it. Let’s face it; working on an outdoor project isn’t always the easiest of tasks. It requires physical stamina, patience, and attention to detail just to name a few things.

Spruce Up Your Relationship With a Simple Outdoor Project
You can find yourself in some precarious positions when your working close together

And while one is able to accomplish most tasks like mowing the grass, planting flowers or getting rid of weeds, two makes the project more dynamic, less tedious, and even more fun.

Furthermore, as Psychology Today reports, “shared experiences give couples something in common and that helps make them feel good about each other.” In this case, it’ll be much simpler to spruce up your relationship.

Appreciate Your Partner in a New Way

Ladies, as much as some of you might not like to admit it, men are stronger than women. It’s a simple physiological fact that cannot be denied. So, how do you take advantage of this? Have him get rid of unwanted branches and logs that clutter the backyard, or have him lift heavy yard decor, like marble stones.

After just a few minutes of seeing him carry out such heavy tasks, you may find that you discovered a new side of him — a side you haven’t had a chance to appreciate before. And believe it or not, not only will this spruce up your relationship, but this newfound appreciation will prompt him to show even more care and attention towards you.

What’s more, studies show men who feel appreciated find it easier, even delightful, to cater to their partner’s needs

Get Involved with Community Projects

Another positive way to spruce up your relationship is to volunteer to help clean the community or to help the seniors in your neighborhood. Often, they need yard work as well as help on the inside of the home.

Spruce Up Your Relationship With a Simple Outdoor Project Man with tools is great to find
The man who shares his tools with his woman is a happy man.

Doing an outdoor project such as this will not only strengthen your ties but boost your self-esteem and change the way others see you. This outdoor project may inspire you to create a Bucket List for Couples.

So, if you want to rediscover your Love, embark on a simple backyard project together which will rekindle your romance, and surely spruce up your relationship. Oh, and let’s not forget, you’ll end up with a fabulous backyard.

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