What Happens When Women Cheat and How Men React

Cheating is ugly, and ultimately a blow for both men and women (but more for the guy).

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Men have feelings and they hurt the worse in the face of betrayal, or so says a man. image - pixels
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What happens when women cheat? How do men react when it does occur? Well, men will tell you there’s nothing worse than finding out your woman is cheating on you.

I know firsthand what that’s like.  You’re sitting there minding your own business, going through social media posts and there it is.  Your girl is on Facebook, kissing and hugging another dude; it’s embarrassing, infuriating… it’s heartbreaking.

When is cheating actually cheating?

The cheating started long before he put his dirty hands on your girl. You see, cheating is a normally identified as sexual infidelity but there’s another form of cheating.

Many overlook emotional infidelity however, it happens during the first stages of the relationship, long before the social media pics.

Emotional infidelity is essentially the stages when your partner falls in love with someone else while you two are together. Some of us have been there (pour a splash of liquor on the floor for our fallen victims).

But what most people fail to realize is men and women both react completely different to cheating, with men surprisingly doing the most. Why? It becomes an obsession; it’s stress unlike none other, and how men react to stress will tell you how deeply men feel this indescribable torture.

Sexual Infidelity vs. Emotional Infidelity

It’s rare a man owns his emotions and some feel cheating is cheating, no matter if it’s sexual or emotional in nature. Both are painful. My feelings aside, the differences in other men’s reactions to physical and emotional infidelity may surprise you.

When women cheat, including online dating, it no longer means another man has seen her birthday suit, it could mean she fell in love with someone else.

Whether its wanton or emotional infidelity, the response has a sizable opposition. Studies show 54% of straight men are more hurt by their partner’s intimate infidelity than over their emotional infidelity.

If that’s not enough, 65% of women who participated in the survey said they were more hurt by their male counterpart’s emotional infidelity over their sexual infidelity! But why?

Reactions Are Based on Our Genetics

So, why are men statically more hurt by sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity? In theory, our innate animalistic instincts take over more strongly with sexual cheating. You’ve seen Animal Planet?

Ever notice what happens when a male animal feels threatened while another male sniffs their mate?  The male uses sex to “mark their territory, or what’s theirs.” It’s the same with human males.

When women cheat and men find out it’s more than emotional, their animal instincts kick in and they become hostile.  All they can think is their territory and the invasion. Because we replay the scene over and over, men become more upset by the sexual aspects of the emotional.

How Men React to A Cheating Partner

Contrary to popular belief, men are strongly emotional creatures, they just don’t express it in the same familiar ways that women do. But still, most men will react to cheating the same way, with extremely strong jealousy.

Apart from the obvious feelings of betrayal, and the pain of a clearly broken heart, jealousy is more prevalent with men who have been cheated on. As a result, you’ll see things like grand gestures or displays of attention towards their partner in an attempt to win them back.

It’s sort of like peacocking, trying to get you to notice them again and flash their way back into your heart.

However, jealousy can be a dangerous thing. In fact, jealous tends to trigger strong feelings that could become violent behavior in nature. This is all from the stress some men feel during the entire cheating revelation.

The thing is, you can’t predict how any one man is going to take being cheated on. Many factors contribute to a man’s final reaction to sexual and emotional infidelity, including, environmental, personal, and societal.

In the End

One thing is certain when women cheat men take the news of sexual infidelity and emotional infidelity hard, even harder than women. The initial dread, anguish, broken-hearted, betrayal, paves a way for jealousy to take hold.

Although, jealousy can be a messy road for some. Just beware of men trying to win you back with a grand gesture; it could turn violent, depending on how men react to stress.

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