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The relationship between caffeine and our health is complicated. After all, how caffeine affects your health and your relationships depends on many factors – some metabolize it slowly while others experience a caffeine high immediately.

Like most chemicals, caffeine actually has beneficial effects when used in limited doses, often in a medically prescribed capacity. It only becomes problematic when one half of a marriage depends on caffeine for a morning boost, while the other is driven to distraction by a single cup of joe. 

But over-consumption of caffeine causes stress to the metabolism, makes it easier for the body to retain weight even when working out and dieting properly, and can even reverse the otherwise healthy effects caffeine has in small doses.

Luckily, coffee can become a part of a healthy marriage as it’s an activity that millions of couples engage in every day – both separately and together. All it takes is knowing how caffeine affects your health and your relationships, too.

Caffeine Is A Physical Performance Enhancer, But You’ll Burn Out

Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, which means it spreads evenly through the body and makes you feel more awake. This is why she has so much energy yet it causes you to urinate more. Nonetheless, the length of this caffeine-induced stimulation is short, but caffeine stays in the body far longer than other stimulant drugs.

Caffeine also opens capillaries and increases blood pressure, which makes it good for alleviating headaches. With this said, you should know how caffeine affects your health and your relationships. Caffeine usage can make these spikes in blood pressure permanent.

Caffeine has been mixed into pain relief and anti-inflammatory medicines for years. This is because it stimulates blood circulation that allows other chemicals to be absorbed faster. It could also be because it is an anti-inflammatory itself.

Caffeine in coffee can also reinforce couples to meet challenges together. It provides extra stamina and strength to complete daily tasks. Who doesn’t need a boost of energy throughout the day? I certainly do, especially after lunch.  Yeah, you never thought about how caffeine affects your health and your relationships at work, huh? Neither did I. 

Caffeine Targets Memory And Mental Inhibitions

One of the most profound tests of caffeinated drinks in recent years has focused on its effects on memory. Some studies have posited that caffeine causes clarity of mind. If this effect could be proven, then assertions it helps conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease would become scientific fact.

Evidence suggests caffeine specifically targets the same areas of the brain as these diseases, but scientists are not sure to what extent they interact yet.

Coffee How Caffeine Affects Your Health and Your Relationships
Unsplash photo by Tyler Nix

The problem is, caffeine overdoses inhibits memory. This could be what’s causing your partner to ask the same question over again. I don’t know about you, but this is irritating. Too much caffeine reverses the effect of the doses experts suggest and diminishes the chemical’s positive attributes.

And while links between these diseases, caffeine and cortisol and weight gain are still being examined, studies universally agree it is a mood-altering substance that causes stress.

So next time you reach for a cup of coffee, remember how caffeine affects your health and your relationships. It may be the cup causing your partner to growl at you. Caffeine in high quantities is bad for you.

How Caffeine Affects Your Health and Your Relationships Including Fertility

Are you trying to start a family? Studies have found a link between caffeine and the ability to conceive – for both men and women. In fact, a study reveals proof women who consume more than one cup of coffee per day are less likely to become pregnant than those who drink less.

Who knew caffeine can decrease the chance of fertility? Did you? Well, now you know so be sure to limit your daily intake and opt for decaffeinated servings instead. 

In fact, share this blog on how caffeine affects your health and your relationships with someone you know who is trying to get pregnant. It may help them tremendously.

Does Caffeine Make Stress Worse?

You’ve probably heard how caffeine affects your health and your relationships or that caffeine is harmful and can stress you out. It’s true that caffeine-based soft drinks and foods are addictive, raise your blood pressure, and you should not consume caffeine in large quantities.

How Caffeine Affects Your Health and Your Relationships
Photo by Sabri Tuzcu

But while you should cut caffeine out of your diet, medical use of coffee and cortisol in the morning can

  • Help alleviate headaches
  • Improve the body’s ability to absorb other medications
  • Better memory retention to some small, yet to be determined degree

If you and your partner are avid coffee drinkers, be sure to consider how caffeine affects your health and your relationships. Not only that but, even the side effects of withdrawal can do damage. Only then can you boost your health and your relationship, too.

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