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Looking for a romantic date at home idea? We have a few you can do on a budget. You should reward your husband or boyfriend for good behavior, as so should he treat you.

Relationships last long only when the people involved in it know how to stick to each other irrespective of the circumstances. Your partner might not have a good day every day, and the least you can do to make it somewhat more comfortable for him is by giving him a romantic date at home at the end of a tiring week.

Planning a fun date for a guy? It is one of the ways to let your spouse know what value he has in your life. Surprising your husband can keep you even more connected. You don’t always need an expensive gift to show him you love him.

Go through the list and consider what would be the perfect date for a man and make it happen in your life as well.

Pass Love Notes to Him

Sometimes a gift as little as a love note can be the thing keeping the spark alive between you two. Even if writing a love note is old, this is probably the best idea to show him how much you love him. Men adore it when their partners write sensuous text messages or maybe ‘thanks for being in my life’ kind of things.

A love letter helps you connect your soul with his soul by the words you write in it. Keeping it at a place he can reach easily is the way you can ensure he would read it once he has got it and look forward to a romantic date at home.

The language and punctuation here is the secondary thing. Love and the feelings are above anything in a love note. That is how it is meant to be. It is the only thing where one can never go wrong because it is written from the heart, and not the mind. Maybe it will spark up some romantic date night ideas.

Surprise Him for Lunch at His Home Office

You can prepare his favorite Jamaican cuisine before his lunchtime. Well, shopping for the meal is going to eat a lot of hours, so don’t waste your time at the market purchasing grocery. Read the Shipt Review and order it from the internet. It will help you save time which you can utilize for more romantic date at home preparations related to the surprise.

wine and food How to Plan a Romantic Date At Home for Him
Cooking the right foods can rekindle a smoldering fire – photo by John Canellis

Once the items are at your place, prepare the meal, place on a butler when done and deliver it to him wearing just your apron and heels. He would undoubtedly love this romantic date at home.

Make His Hobby Yours

There is something we all love to do when we get the time. You don’t have to make it yours for your entire life together. Doing it with him for just one day would be enough for him to know you are interested in his love as well. Maybe you will get to see why he fell in love with the hobby in the first place.

Loving the things or work your husband loves will make him understand you love him for who he is. Now, let’s look over more of the date ideas for couples.

Dedicate a Whole Day to Him

Choose a day off and make it his romantic date at home. You should do whatever he likes on his day. He does a lot for you and the family without asking for anything in return, and so do you.

But you love it when he helps you out with your stuff.

He would as well find this lovely if you make him king for a day, without being a slave of course. He does not need you to be that. Here are some romantic date at home ideas:

  • Start the day with breakfast in bed
  • Watch the game in sexy night gear
  • Play mini golf in your backyard
  • Have a pool or hot tub party for two or four
  • Initiate a water gun or paintball fight
  • Try wild game together or exotic foods
  • Set up camp in the backyard, roof or bedroom
  • Give him your hands for a back and or foot massage
  • Wash his hair and give him a man manicure

It’s been my experience men love these surprise date ideas and will often enjoy it almost as much as cuddling.

Sunsets are Romantic Date At Home Ideas

The busy schedules these days don’t let people enjoy the natural scenery. If you have a garden at your home, catch a sunset among nature. If you don’t have a garden, you can spread out a blanket in the back of his truck and watch the sunset with a glass of wine or his favorite beverage.

date ideas at home man opening bottle of wine on picnic photo Jelleke Vanooteghem

It would be a lovely and relaxing romantic date at home for the two of you. Missed the sunset? Try again around midnight. Capture a full moon and enjoy a midnight bowl of ice cream and don’t forget the whip cream and cherries.

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