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We share hair grooming tips for all women to feel beautiful, don’t you agree? In this high-end fashion era particularly, the pressure is on hair grooming tips to look as beautiful as everyone else. Stylists have not lessened the pressure of personal care.

If anything, the importance of self-grooming adds to the pressure of grooming. While I know you know how to groom yourself, sometimes, it can be nerve-racking to figure out appropriate grooming tips for special occasions.

For that next date, consider these 9 hair grooming tips before you dash out the house.

Well Groomed Woman Guide

It is pretty clear no one wants to be on a date with someone who’s body hair covers their entire face or who’s hairstyle is so wildly unappealing, Nicki Minaj would not wear it. Make these personal care tips of the high essence.

Shower, but Skip the Shampoo

Wash your hair a day before your date so you have ample time to check how well your locks look for the big day. Some shampoos will strip your hair follicles of its natural oils and will make it especially susceptible to frizz, whether in the cold or the hot season.

black girl not your baby t shirt frizzy hair grooming tips
The frizzes don’t care what time of day or night they come or who see them… they just show up.

Condition Your Hair

While conditioners usually hydrate your hair and make it easy to manage, they are a good way to ensure your strands have an appealing fragrance to it. Choose a scented conditioner that will give you the extra fragrance and moisture.

Nothing beats water when it comes to hydrating your hair, but when you can’t wash your hair while showering, try a dry shampoo. Simply use a leave-in conditioner that will not demand a rinsing afterward. Of all the hair grooming tips, I think this is one of the best.


The last thing you want is for your hair to end up stiff and dry as a board. However, you’re going to add in some of your favorite natural hair gels or mousse before your date to retain the style and seal in the moisture as well as fight frizz.

Choose an Appropriate Style

You don’t want to eat your hair or have loose strands on the table or on your date’s plate while you’re eating, do you? I know it’s not appetizing, so this is why I’m suggesting these hair grooming tips.

  • Try pulling your hair up in a bun.  
  • Braid the hair into two big braids. 
  • Twist the hair toward the back for a romantic look. 
  • Pull your hair into the classic ponytail and tie off in sections.

These styles work well for most face shapes, and night out outfits. The hairstyles are also convenient if you’re going to be active during your date. If you’re going to be outdoors, for example, opt for a style that pulls your hair away from the face especially on a windy day.


On regular work days, it can be inappropriate to accessorize your hair, which is why a date is a perfect excuse to put your hair accessories to use.

With these hair grooming tips in mind and the perfect hairstyle, use a couple or two hair accessories to complement your bun, afro, braids or twists. You can use fabrics, pins, scarfs, hats, or hair clips to bring out the desired effect.

photo by Jessica Felicio
Natural hair is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Unsplash photo by Jessica Felicio

Be careful not to go overboard with your accessories because it can wash down your outfit and/or makeup, taking the attention away from you and the conversation. Another hair care tips alternative is to get a short haircut.

Get a New Cut

If ever there was a perfect time to get that new haircut, do it before your date. Go for a cut that complements your face shape and will work with the night out outfits you plan on wearing as the perfect accessory to your new look.

Make sure you get a haircut that is not so dramatic you are still identifiable, and you don’t come out as one trying too hard to look good.

If you don’t feel ready to change your hairstyle, go for a trim instead to tame the split ends.

Tame Your Edges

Although you might get your hairstyle ready for your big day, your edges might downright disappoint you. Ensure you lay down your edges, by employing hair gels where need be.

hair grooming tips edges lay down
Unsplash photo by Chris Benson

Depending on the hairstyle, ensure your edges lay in the direction your hair flows. Your stylist may have accomplished this at the salon during your haircut or you may have discovered this for yourself when reading these hair grooming tips.

Take Away Unwanted Hair

Getyourtips.com says you should whip those eyebrows into shape before going on a date. I see those sideburns are getting longer by the day and ugh… check those little hairs under the chin. You have more hair than the dating police allows. 🙂 Let’s get rid of them, too. Yeah, you need these hair grooming tips. 

Don’t think I haven’t noticed your underarms. Your legs and bikini area need a shave, too. You need a total re-haul and a body hair trimmer. I know you know how to groom yourself, so all this tells me is you haven’t been on a date in a while. Girlfriend, you should get yourself the best bikini hair trimmer on the market. This is a job for a super razor!   😛 

“Hair Is a Woman’s Glory”… Maya Angelou

Highlight Your Hair

Do you ever wonder why celebrities always have a glow on red carpets? Well, the secret is in hair grooming tips but in particular, the hair highlights and of course, their dress. But after they decide on the dress, they determine what to do with their hair.

The right hair color will complement your skin tone and your makeup. Still, you can further bring out your face with some red, blonde or bronde highlights. If you cannot achieve this on your own, consult your hair stylist to help you accomplish the perfect strands.

At the end of the day, the importance of self-grooming is so you feel good about yourself and not necessarily your date, your neighbor or employer. Your hair should be groomed in such a way to give you confidence while presenting you beautifully. These hair grooming tips should take the stress off your date in case you were wondering if you were doing it right.

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