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Wait… what? Ain’t no way Stevie J and Faith Evans got married! You pulling my leg, right? This TMZ news comes to my surprise as it does the world. I mean, nobody knew except for the couple and apparently, they didn’t know until the day it happened either.

It seems the family and the couple’s friends all expected Faith to be in Los Angeles on her way to London and Stevie was still in Atlanta filming for Love & Hip Hop. To hear Stevie J and Faith Evans got married “floored everyone.” Well, what happened was the couple met in Vegas at the Trump Hotel (really! smh) on Tuesday, June 17. They were actually spotted outside of the courthouse where they were getting a marriage license. 

This was around 4 or 5 o’clock that day. A couple hours later that evening, Faith Evans apparently was inspired to make a call to Joelle Righetti, a local minister, and singer. By 10:30 the same day, Stevie J and Faith Evans got married. Yes, Stevie J was kissing his new bride as they were officially husband and wife,

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Aaron Jordan.

Wow, right? This is the first marriage for record producer, Stevie J although I remember rumors of a marriage with reality star Joseline Hernandez a few years ago. Some people think Stevie J and Faith Evans got married in a hurry – you know – like before he changes his mind.

Or do you think it was hush-hush because Faith’s friends were totally against the idea of the two tying the knot and would try to talk her out of it?

Not only are Faith Evans’ friends are hurt, but her children shook their heads, too. The R&B award-winning singer has four children but why is CJ Wallace hot? Well CJ is Biggies’ son. He is also Stevie J’s godson. Whoa! Yeah, I know and now you know.

When I say these people are bitter because Stevie J and Faith Evans got married, I mean her friends and family are hurt and angry. TMZ says Faith responds to her friend’s questions with a song, “A Minute.” A song, Faith? That’s all you got?

Record producer and singer make A Minute together - No Way Stevie J and Faith Evans Got Married
Stevie J and Faith Evans are due to release “A Minute”

Sounds like a cop-out to me, girlfriend. What’s more is the couple just recorded this song as it explains “it only took a minute to fall in love.” But this is your third marriage, Faith. You should know better. I am not the only one with an opinion about Faith. Just take a look at this video –  

If you had any questions, I’m sure this unWinewithTashaK! video will either answer why Stevie J and Faith Evans got married.  You might even have more questions about life in general after sister girl is done speaking.  Good lawd… she keeps it real. 

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