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Vegan dating is getting to be more popular because more people are simply turning to a vegan lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing twisted about dating a vegan. I think it’s wonderful and deserves a round of applause.

If you haven’t noticed, many celebrities are following suit however, you may find a vegan dating a meat eater. But then this is where people start to blunder, to put it politely. While vegan dating is not much different from other relationships, there are some changes you should consider.

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Ever had hot chocolate with cashew milk or almond milk? Try it sometimes.

Just because someone doesn’t eat meat doesn’t mean they are difficult to get along with. Vegans like having a drink during football games, playing board games and the TV series, Power, too.

However, you may have few problems dating a vegan man like who’s doing the laundry or who are you talking to at two in the morning, but that’s normal relationship blues. You’re going to run into a few speed bumps and that’s to be expected. Fortunately, we have 7 tips for dating a vegetarian to help you overcome those obstacles.

Open Your Mind To Vegan Recipes

Vegans love to talk about their lifestyle, especially to people who don’t judge them. I personally don’t get why anyone would, but they will give you honest input so you understand the vegan diet a little better. The recipes are delicious and just like any other foods, it’s only good if you mimic the right vegan chef.

Vegans Love to Eat

See, here’s the thing about people in general: Even when they change, they stay the same. That is to say, if you love food before you became a vegan, you will still love food as a vegan. Vegans just stopped eating animals, that’s all.

With that said, I have problems with eating a squirrel and most definitely, I ain’t eating nobody’s possum. That’s just insane to me. Yet, some people do it without regard to the animal’s unpleasant eating habits and gobble the wild game like they do a yard chicken or a farmed-raised cow.

Going On a Date With a Vegan

Vegan dating, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to search for vegan specialty restaurants. They can eat almost anywhere as most eateries are serving some of the best vegan recipes nowadays to meet with the demand. But now, here’s what you don’t do.

Please, please, please don’t ask a vegan to take a bite of your raw steak or medium-well burger. This is in bad taste… bad taste. If it happened to me, I’d just get up and leave. That’s a sure sign you don’t respect me and without respect, we’re heading nowhere.

Respect the Boundaries of Vegan Dating

You don’t have to go vegan because your date is a vegetarian. Be true to yourself and let them be themselves. Realize there are boundaries you should not cross. Treat vegans as you want to be treated. Vegans don’t live on Mars Drive, they just don’t eat meat. Take my vegan dating tips; keep it real and respect the line.

Bad Vegan Date Ideas

When it comes to vegan dating, there are plenty of places to go. With this in mind, there are places you should not. Can you guess what they are? Well, I don’t think to go to the dog race or the Kentucky Derby is a good idea. Yeah, the aquarium is a waste of time, too.

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Photo by Laula the Toller

Think bowling, rock climbing, mini-golf, karaoke, vegan restaurants like a vegan deli or bakery. My bet is if you take your vegan date to a cooking class, you would be winning. Being able to understand the vegan lifestyle shows you’re serious about the person.

Taking this class would mean you’re willing to learn and that, my friend, shows you have a lot of style and heart. Vegan dating is not a bad thing. What makes it difficult is being in a setting where meat is the main theme or where the vegetables even contain meat derivatives.

The way vegan meals are prepared or what vegans eat may dampen the trips to most fast food joints, but this is a good thing. Since you’re dating a vegan, you will need to make a few small adjustments, even down to the condoms, but it’s all worth it. There are a lot of perks of dating a vegan, even a vegan dating site.

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