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At some point in your life, you may need a few bedroom decorating ideas for couples as almost every couple will take a giant leap in their relationship and move in the same home together. To some couples, it only makes sense to share one place.

You have the opportunity to save money, spend more time together and share in the household chores. One of the fun parts about moving to the same place is decorating the bedroom.

However, before you do all that, Debra Macleod, formerly a mediator for couples, says you should at least discuss decorating ideas, the reasons why you made this decision and most importantly, how are you going to share the financial aspects of living together.

I think she’s right, too. However, how you guys are going to split the bills is actually none of my business  🙂 , so I’ll leave that alone… for now. Today, I want to talk about bedroom decorating ideas for couples. I have some terrific decorating tips for couples living together.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples

The love connection is different for each couple. In its unique way, romance can be shown through your home decor, in particular in the bedroom decorating ideas. The way your love corresponds through the home is by finding a medium between the two people in the relationship.

You will need to agree on adding a fireplace to the bedroom before installing one. You can buy an electric one that’s mobile, meaning you can move it from room to room if you decide you want a change.

When it comes to colors, red is the color few couples agree on. Red paint on the walls can change the entire room. If that’s too extreme for you, simply add a few touches by adding red pillows, lamps or bedding. On the other hand, green is a natural, serene color that calms.

Touches of red in these Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Couples Are Super Easy
Vintage bedroom with touches of red adds a little something extra that could appeal to many couples.

Colors, plus the right scent, can put anyone at rest or excite them. Choose from cinnamon (my favorite), vanilla or jasmine. Buy potpourri or candles to bring in a mood enhancing aroma.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Couples on a Budget

I love shopping at flea markets, but estate sales are where I find the bulk of my bedroom decorating ideas. I find anything from vintage oil paintings to signs you rarely see anymore. You can re-purpose virtually anything. This is how to decorate a bedroom with no money.

You can turn an old coffee table into a bench to place at the end of your bed for extra seating. Or if you’re into lamps like I am, there’s so much you can do to upgrade them, like roping the base or revamping the worn fringes on the lampshade.

I personally like the look of distressed wood. You can change the look of a tired dresser by simply stripping it of its color. There are plenty of bedroom decorating ideas for couples that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but look like they did.

The idea of adding a plant is a good one especially if the bedroom has plenty of light. A big leafy plant will add a touch of green color as well. This is how to decorate room with simple things.

Beautiful Bedrooms for Couples

I suggest changing the bedroom seasonally. It doesn’t take much doing. Add some throws, new wall pics and colors for a beautiful bedroom couples will envy. Summertime reminds me of beach scenes or nautical bedroom decorating ideas for couples.

To change it up, the kicker is to switch the traditional colors and add a bright orange to the blue and white colors. Opt for dramatic standing lamps to save space on the bedside tables.

During the winter months, you want to block out the cold and hold in the heat. Nothing does that better than black, I think. The color black is elegant and sexy, plus it’s easy to accessorize as every color goes with black.

These Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Couples Are Super Easy
Colors make the bedroom pop so don’t be afraid to add them.

Can you think of other bedroom decorating ideas for couples when it comes to colors?

Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Beds with tall, skinny posters are commonplace among couples, but I can’t image why. haha If you have a small bedroom, here are some cheap bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Try putting dark wood against a white wall or a bright color. Neutral colors like gold or a mellow yellow will make the room inviting and vibrant.

Bedroom stylist Lance Boyd agrees bright colors make small rooms appear larger. He also suggests using complementary artwork with bold frames. I would love to add buttery curtains, a couple of neutral furniture pieces or pale accents.

Make Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas Meaningful

Well, this doesn’t exactly come under bedroom decorating ideas for couples, but it is bedroom advice from Macleod and myself, Mikki Donaldson. When you go in there to be with your love, don’t be on your phone posting to Facebook, posting or tweeting this and that.

This is the time you spend with your significant other winding down, talking about special events or your feelings for one another. My goodness, it’s where you express your love in the most intimate way. Don’t bring gadgets into the bedroom that don’t belong there.

That means no gaming equipment either, people. Sorry, Charlie.

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