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The Pro-Black family is the most essential part of the progression of Black people. Without it, our communities suffer as do the well-being of Black people. When it comes to Black and White, being pro-Black and interracial relationships, it’s easier for the black man to date non-black women.

Why is this so different from a black woman dating a non-Black man? Why are interracial relationships looked down upon in the first place? I don’t know… could it be because of how Blacks were (are) treated by whites?

Please don’t tell me bad treatment toward Blacks is in the past. Truth be told, they are still hanging Black people from trees in 2018. There are more reported incidents of brutality than ever before thanks to cameras on cell phones. But okay, that’s another subject.

We’re talking about being pro-Black and interracial relationships.

If you are pro-black, should it matter who you love?

Being pro-Black and interracial dating is unquestionably a sensitive subject. The topic can bait and trap the most unsuspecting individuals into an unfortunate debate about black men and racism. Before you know it, you’re arguing about 45 and his racist and confused group of supporters.

I mean, you must know he’s fuel to this war. I mean, his wife would tell you this but she has trouble speaking English.

It took a Supreme court ruling to legalize interracial marriages back in 1967. Still, some people believe interracial relationships are wrong. By the same token, mixed race dating is growing steadily underneath the political climate these days.

Only in America does race matter to the degree it may mean picking a side or losing friends. Why does it have to be this way? Why all the talk lately about being pro-Black and interracial relationships? Some people believe you can you be pro-black and still date outside your race and others say there’s no way. 

Maybe some people just don’t understand what it means to be pro-black or what it doesn’t mean.

Being Pro-Black and Interracial Relationships Explained

To be pro-black means you support the culture and the lifestyle. It credits the development of the black communities as well as support its legacy. Its purpose is to have the financial gains to be self-supporting and instill pride in the family and in your cousin’s family, so forth and so on. 

In other words, don’t forget where you came from, uplift your Black brothers and sisters, and most of all, spend your money with Black business owners.

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Our ancestors were once thriving. They were highly successful business owners, inventors, professionals, and farmers. Blacks still are prosperous individuals but there’s one difference in achieving their level of success in this century.

Their thoughts on being pro-Black and interracial relationships have surely changed. 

Nowadays, when a Black man “makes it,” the first thing he does is leave the Black woman for a white girl. I think that’s chunks of bull crap. I also think being pro-Black and interracial relationships happens way too often, Ice T, Jamie, Ye, Odom, Seal, Tiger, Legend, OJ, just to mention a few famous interracial relationships

Although I did believe you could be pro-black and still date outside your race at one time, interracial dating is not for me. Like most women and I suppose men, too, I grew tired of the treatment I was getting, so I tried it.

I thought that just maybe, someone from Puerto Rico or Mexico would treat me better. At that time, I didn’t know the meaning of being pro-Black and interracial relationships.

I felt as I was dating a non-Black man, he still needed to be of color. However, it wasn’t long before I decided there are too many shades of Black for me to date non-Black men.  

Little did I know then, it wasn’t the man or the culture, it was me. hahaha! However, I’m woke now, but are you with me?  

On a Facebook post, I found some interesting takes on the subject. Take a look at what these people had to say when asked how they felt about being pro-Black and interracial relationships.

Pro-Black and Interracial Relationships Poll Results

The debate is “Can you be pro-black and date outside your race?” Some people responded to a Facebook poll in which they answered honestly. Here’s what they said about being pro-Black and interracial relationships.

Yes, You Can Be Pro-Black and Date Non-Black People 

Davanna Watkins says, “I am totally pro-black and love everything about my race and cherish my rich history. And no one can convince me any differently on my view of life and how I feel about my culture,” or about being pro-Black and interracial relationships. 

“Does that mean I should only date other blacks? No, it does not. I happen to be more attracted to men outside of my race than Black men.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really good Black men in this world. It’s just not what I want. I like to learn about others and their history as well as see other people’s view of the world. How can we if we are stuck on one race?

I have always loved blues and some forms of rap, but how would I have ever known I liked country and classical music if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone?”

Edward Calhoun simply puts it this way: “I can be for the betterment and the advancement of my people and still date who I see fit. As long as she doesn’t hinder me, directly or indirectly (I can immediately recognize both), there shouldn’t be an issue.

Unless you’re trying to date me yourself, or you know someone is bad news, don’t concern yourself with who I date. That energy is better spent on yourself and our people as a whole.”

Glen Ferrill on being pro-Black and interracial relationships: “Pride in your race doesn’t take a back seat because you are with the person of another race.”

No, You Can’t Be Pro-Black and Date Non-Black People 

Llwyd Anwyl thoughts on being pro-Black and interracial relationships: “I think to be pro-something, you probably can’t date outside of that something. Someone pointed out the point of life is to procreate, so one would want to maintain their own.

However, believing in something like this runs the risk of being taken out of context, because like someone else said in the comments being pro-something does not mean you have to be ‘anti’ something else.

So, having thought about it more, no I don’t think you can. But if you’re asking whether I’m pro-white or pro-Black, then no, not really, because I believe in humanity as a whole and I really hope that one day humanity does come together and progress past the superficial and start concentrating on the inside.” 

Roy Culberson “Easy… you can only be pro-Black if you are choosing to also take on and care for the Black women and creating Black babies! You can show you care for your people but that doesn’t mean you pro-Black! Maintaining a Black family is a key component to being Pro-Black.”

My Thoughts On Being Pro-Black and Interracial Relationships

I did believe you could be pro-Black and still date outside your race until I learned the meaning. When we make babies with other races, they are not really Black children anymore. They become mixed race babies or interracial children. 

So how can we continue the legacy of Black people when we’re mixing the babies? Or is it because you have a Black mother or father, you’re Black? In all exactness, the child is not Black, their parent is! Am I right or am I wrong about pro-Black and interracial relationships? Hey, I think it’s something to think about. 

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