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Need some totally unique gift ideas for your dad? Buying gifts for dad can, at times, be harder than buying a gift for your mom, so here are some totally unique ideas of what you can buy your dad.

1. A big personality desk sign

What is it? A desk sign with a funny personality comment on it. These are usually hilarious, and you can easily find one that will suit your dad. Maybe ‘I’m not bossy. I’m the boss’ or ‘I’m not arguing.

I’m simply proving why I’m right’ may be a good idea, and if it’s not, there are so many others to choose. This will make a great gift, and will definitely make everyone laugh.

2. A mini fridge for your dad’s car

Does your dad travel a lot? Traveling makes me hungry but I don’t always have time to stop. If your dad travels for a living, he will LOVE this gift. The mini fridge is a unique idea for your dad.

He can keep his favorite foods that he can eat on the road and ensure his drinks are always kept cool. No one likes a warm Coke, do they?

3. A Teenager Explanation Guide

Teenagers are a mystery – even to dads. And to help encouraging dads in the world of parenting, this guide will help him understand you better. Or it could make a funny joke and be kept as a constant reminder of how troublesome you may have been as a teenager.

4. The thirty-day fitness challenge

One of the unique gift ideas for your dad I love comes with cards you need to follow every day for thirty days to get your dad back into shape. If your dad wants to lose weight, then this is the gift that keeps on giving. A healthy lifestyle is one of the best presents for a dad.  

Some fitness challenges offer cash rewards for the biggest loser so this could definitely be of use to him or this can also be used to make the entire family laugh.

5. A personalized back stretcher

Every dad needs this. Scratch that. [No pun intended] EVERYONE needs this gift. Ever felt an annoying itch on your back, but you can’t reach it? This will do the trick.

Make sure your dad doesn’t have to go through the same thing. Give him a back scratcher that can sort out his itching problems.

By personalizing it, you make these unique gift ideas more intimate and lot more special and precious to you and your dad. You can even write a message on it, which adds to the sentiment!

6. CRAZY cufflinks

If you want to show your love for your dad, you can do it with a pair of cufflinks in a unique way. You can personalize the cufflinks to say whatever you want, or you can find some with funny statements on them, anyway.

These cufflinks are so cool they made the list of unique gift ideas for your dad and he will wear them regularly with pride.

7. A rugby ball wine cooler

Does your dad love rugby? Does he appreciate wine? If your answer is ‘yes’ then get a rugby ball wine cooler. Now, he won’t ever have to drink warm wine and he can have a cooler that truly suits him and his personality- rather than a boring one from the store.

Cool, huh? Yup- he’ll definitely think of this as unique gift ideas for dad.

8. 5-a-day chocolate vegetables

Trick your dad into thinking that you bought him vegetables for his birthday, when, in actual fact, you bought him uniquely shaped chocolates! They look like vegetables but are actually chocolates.

Witness the disappointment change into surprise when you reveal the true identity of your gift. Who said vegetables had to be boring?!

9. Periodic mug of texting

Maybe your father is stuck in the old age and cannot use slang to save his life. Don’t worry! You can help him! This mug has a periodic table of slang words that your dad needs to learn to use.

So, whenever he drinks anything, that drinking session will turn into a learning experience where he can learn the ways of the modern world.

10.  Mini arcade machine

So, perhaps your dad is like mine and is still a kid at heart. So, to satisfy the little kid inside him, give him a mini arcade machine! The games are truly fantastic, and now, he has another way to spend his time- rather than watching TV all day.

It’s one of my unique gift ideas for your dad that will make him smile, so it is 100% worth every penny spent. 

11. Buy him a race car experience

If your dad’s dream is to drive a race car, so be it. You can buy experiences like these, and so, your father can live his dream. He has the opportunity to drive a real race car down a real race course, which will give him the thrill that he has always wanted to experience.

It will truly make his day, and he will be the happiest person alive. To be honest, he does deserve it for everything he’s ever done, so, treat him! He will truly love you forever! On the other hand, it may make a great present for mom!  

Those were our unique gift ideas for your dad, but we’d love to know what yours are. Comment below and share them with us.  I’m sure dads everywhere will appreciate these great gifts!

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