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What is it that makes a man fall in love? Is it in the stars… in the air? Is it the way she cooks? (Lord help me if it is. Hahaha!) Could it be the way she throws her leg behind her ears? I mean, what is it exactly?

Those are commonly asked questions that, well, fall way short of the correct answer. Are you curious to know what makes a man fall in love and commit? Judging from my experiences, I can tell you a few things.

What Makes a Man Fall in Love With a Woman

Ladies, I know this man who is totally in love with his wife although they’ve been together for a while now. They have a couple of kids, a nice house, the whole nine yards… including the four-legged crumb snatcher. Twenty years together and he still looks at her like there is no other.

You see, when a man falls in love, he is mesmerized by her total being. She’s the complete package, my dear. It’s her personality, the way she handles her business, the way she smells, and the way her skin feels. See, a lot of us women get it twisted. We judge a woman on her appearance and some of the most beautiful women have been cheated on, so it’s not that.

Honey, it doesn’t matter if she’s has a toned body, if she’s slim sexy or a BBW, he loves the way she carries herself.

How to make a man fall in love with a woman’s soul?

The woman a man falls for should be a giver and show she’s loyal, laugh at his corny jokes, listen to him and be his confidant, be affectionate, and uplifting, he will feel as though he can’t live without this woman! This is the kind of woman Black men… white men… any man fall in love with. 

He Makes Her Happy

A man is looking for that woman who has a kool-aid grin for him only. He wants to feel connected to her. He wants to experience her passion. The way to a man’s heart is through his woman’s happiness. Will your man fall in love with you? When he feels as though he is lighting your flame, he feels he has a purpose and this is a good sign that he will.

couple wearing king and queen hoodies
When a man loves a woman, he will lift her up in more ways than one.

What makes a man fall in love with a woman? When a man feels like a man… he feels he is accepted, appreciated and most importantly, understood. He knows he can make his woman happy and he will submit to her.

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She Does The Things He Likes

Are you trying to make your man fall in love? Well, when a man finds a woman who will say “yes” to doing the things he likes, it makes him feel special. It’s okay if you don’t love football. Try to enjoy the game anyway. Most importantly, you’re spending time with him while he’s doing what he loves. 

What’s important to realize is you don’t even have to understand how the game is played. The fact you are willing to try shows you care and he will appreciate your efforts. This is how men fall in love.

Before Your Man Fall in Love

man fall in love and they show it with affection. Kiss your nose, forehead, hold you close
As your man fall in love with you, he will show it with affection. Kiss your nose, forehead, hold you close

Now you know what makes a man fall in love, you should also know how the process of falling in love works. It came as a big shock to me, but both women and men have emotions. Yes indeed, when it comes to love, men and women are on different levels.

When women fall, we are all over the place with emotions. Men aren’t like that. Men go through phases when they meet women, so what makes a guy fall in love?

  • The first stage is purely physical. That’s when they say they like us.
  • How to make a man fall in love? He has to feel you will be responsive if he makes advances toward you. If you say you’ll go out with him, the chase is on!
  • With this said, he will do everything to get you in his corner. He really wants to impress you.
  • Hopefully, you have held out and not given in to his wild thoughts
  • However, he will want to know how you feel about him. He’s testing the waters now. What he really wants to know is if you’re DJ Khaled loyal. haha
  • During this stage, he wants you to fall in love with him. Don’t misunderstand this. These are not the signs he loves you
  • Nonetheless, by this time, you may have indeed fallen for this guy, so it’s safe at this point to tell him how you feel and even turn down the lights. Wink, wink.
  • Now, he may sit and wonder if he is the right guy for you! Crazy how this works, huh? I know, I know… welcome to 11ahleven Mars Drive.  🙂 

In either case, I have one last bit of relationship advice for you. Another key point is to never say “yes” to everything he wants. This can backfire on you as he will come to expect it. Sometimes, it will feel as though he’s taking advantage of you and in some cases, he could very well be taking your kindness for weakness. 

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot this important PSA. If you just met a man last week and he’s saying those three words already, ghost him! He’s either clingy or crazy or both. How quickly does a man fall in love? The world may never know, but what we do know is falling in love is a process and it won’t happen in a week. Know the difference between lust and love.  

In addition, when you meet a sane man, never say “I love you” each time he says it, either. LOL It will make him wonder about things. However, he should know by your actions if you love him or not. Don’t feed into an insecure man if you think he’s feeling this way, independent women don’t have time for this. 

Keeping Mr. Loverman on his toes, ladies, is also what makes a man fall in love and commit. Some of the best advice comes from couples who have been together for 20-30 years. They know what it takes to make a man fall in love and to keep him. 

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