Gift ideas for mom can sometimes be difficult to choose. Sometimes, ordinary gifts won’t cut it and you want to do something exceptional for the woman who gave birth to you. 

11 sweet gift ideas for mom she’ll absolutely love

What should you get her? The answer is easy. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1Wine Soaps

Maybe you want to give something more personal to your mother to show how much she means to you; to express your gratitude in an intimate way and there’s nothing more intimate than a stimulating wine bath. 

There are surprising benefits in wine and these gift ideas for mom come in a bar you don’t have to go out for.  Take advantage of the natural goodness of a gluten-free shower or soothing bath.

2Bedside Smartphone Vase

Here’s the perfect handmade present. It’s a vase when it’s not holding her cell phone. This decorative piece is convenient and attractive. It will light up any bedside table as it holds her favorite flowers when she’s not charging her cell phone. 

It even has a dock for the cord so it’s out of sight. Part smartphone dock, part vase, this bloom box functions as a convenient phone dock as it brightens up your bedside table.

3Garden lights

If your mother loves her garden and spends most of her summer evenings nesting in her garden, then this may be the gift for her!

Garden accessories by Canadian Stephen Kitras will make her time spent in the garden much more tranquil and even more enjoyable. They are solar powered so you don’t have to worry if she’s going to trip over cords and take away from the natural beauty. 

Stephen uses recycled materials to make the handblown spheres rich and colorful. Add to her garden lights by complementing them with a well, a birdhouse, hanging flower pots and even a patio set but make sure it doesn’t clutter the garden, though!

This is truly one of the most exceptional gift ideas for mom you can give her. 

4A personalized baking kit

Have you run out of homemade gift ideas for mom. Well, if your mother loves baking, then, this is for her! Nothing beats personalized presents especially when they are attached to your passion. So, purchase personalized chopping boards, wooden spoons, rolling pins, and spatulas.

The greatest thing about this gift is that she can use it regularly whenever she bakes, and so, she can always have you at the back of her mind for buying her a truly thoughtful gift!

5Personalized gifts for mom

This is for mothers who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love cooking or baking. By personalizing her favorite apron, you can write something sweet to show how much you love her or you can get a funny message written on, instead, to remind her of all the good times.

An apron also helps protects her clothes, so it shows your thoughtfulness and displays your considerate side.

6Design a cake for your mother

Cakes can be amazing gifts, especially since people can work wonders on them and make them personal for you. You can pick key moments of your mother’s life (like her honeymoon) or key attributes that make your mom special and use these ideas as the basis for your cake design. 

Don’t worry if you can’t bake, a baker can do it for you, you just need to tell them how you want the cake to be.

A designer cake will show your mother how she’s out-of-the-ordinary and deserves to be indulged. She deserves it for everything that she has ever done to help raise you, and you are saying exactly that. Plus, it will taste amazing, and who doesn’t love cake?!

7A portrait of your mother

If your mother has never had a portrait of herself painted, then get this done for her! Simply send in her picture to a portrait artist, give them some extra details that you may like them to include, and then, let them work their magic.

It’s amazing what the finished result will look like, and will definitely be worth keeping. Looking for the perfect birthday gift ideas for mom from daughter? Trust me, your mother will be so touched with this idea.

8A tea set with premium teas

Does your mother love tea? If yes, then this is the PERFECT gift for her. If you don’t understand the importance of this gift, your mother will!  Tea lovers appreciate quality teas since they recognize the superiority of the beverage.

So, by buying her a tea set with the finest teas, she can have all the tea that she wants fit for royalty. She will feel grateful that you are happy enough to treat her like a queen with her favorite beverage at a refined level.

9Spend some time with her

This is one of the best gift ideas for mom when she has everything. If you don’t spend much time with your mother, then this gift will be priceless. As you get older, your time spent with your family becomes limited, and to show your mother that you haven’t forgotten about her and you still love her, then treat her to a day out with you and only you.

Take her to special places, sit down and take your time… don’t be in a hurry. Talk, laugh and have fun. Show your mother that she’s still an important part of your life and she’s worth every penny you will be spending on her.

10Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles

Gifts for Indian mom? Yogi soy scented candles are great additions to any room in the home.  It signifies balance and tranquillity. Start your day with affirmations and candles by Amina Ahmad. The candles are made from natural materials and essential oils. 

Not only are they attractive, but the aroma will set the tone for a heavenly yoga workout as they come with their own yoga pose.

11Book her a spa and massage weekend

Being a mother requires lots of hard work, and can be especially draining. So, why not relieve your mother’s stresses by allowing her to relax throughout the weekend? A spa weekend will release the tension from her body and be beneficial to her health.

She will really appreciate the massage if she has aches and pains all over her body, and it will help her body heal, so she isn’t tired all the time. This will be an amazing gift for your mother as it means that she can take a break from her responsibilities and she can relax.

Not everyone can afford the luxury of being able to relax, and now, thanks to you, your mother can. Moreover, she needs a break and a weekend off. These gift ideas for mom will show her how you appreciate all her current and previous efforts that helped make you the amazing person you are.


Treat your mother to one of these gifts.  It will express how special she is and remind her she means the world to you with these gifts. Mom’s deserve it.  Show her that you are grateful for everything that she has done for you.

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