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How do good girl bad boy relationships form? Bad boys like good girls or is it good girls are attracted to bad boys? I think it’s both. Opposites attract and it’s a common occurrence.

If you’re just noticing relationships, you will probably notice the unlikely couple more than any other relationship because of the chemistry between the two people.

The bad boy has a whole lot of confidence or arrogance, depending on who you talk with. He’s probably as rugged as Chris Brown is and as sexy as Usher Raymond. He smells good and he’s got this walk that says, ‘follow me.’ Nonetheless, bad boys like to build things only to destroy them.

bad boy shirtless with jeans and boots
Photo by Taylor Bryant @Unsplash

The good girl is more reserved and laid back. More than likely she’s got a good heart, the kind who wants to change the world. In fact, she has plenty of desirable qualities any man would want, but especially the bad boy. This pair is probably not a great combination, but it’s intense for a reason.

Bad Boy Attracted to Good Girl: The Attraction is Real!

The moment they meet, they knew they were headed for trouble. It was a classic case of good girl bad boy relationships. He’s as charming as Lucifer Morningstar… he’s funny and he represents a challenge.

The good girl knows if she stays around too long, she’ll be wrapped up in his world. They both know this relationship could be disastrous, but this guy is a master at manipulating women.

We all know the reasons why a bad boy would fall for a good girl, but why do good girls fall for bad boys and what makes a bad boy fall in love? Maybe she doesn’t realize it’s her pattern. Does she have an unconscious need to rebel and to be with someone her opposite? Let’s explore!

Reasons Good Girl Bad Boy Relationships Happen

There comes a time when the good girl must stop and ask herself, “Why does she want a bad boy in the first place?” One theory is the good girl really wants the bad boy to bring out her wild side if indeed, she has one.

On the other hand, it could be the good girl wants to make him over or rather, she wants to “fix” him. Most of the bad boys have had poor father figures or at least, they weren’t close to each other. These men were really close to their mothers, however.

mother holding baby boy
Photo by Janko Ferlic – thepootphotographer-

With that said, the bad boy may have what the experts call “daddy issues.” Therefore, his past affects his present as he wants to recreate the bond he shared with his mother.

As for the good girl, she may have come from a one parent home. If her father was there, maybe he was emotionally unavailable. Often, dads are away from the home more than they are there.

When they are at home, sometimes, they still aren’t available. So, the girl wants to mend her previous good girl bad boy relationships.

Familiarity makes relationships comfortable, would you agree?

Dads affect their daughters if they were there or not. People tend to go for what they know rather than attempting something new. Having said this, good girl bad boy relationships make sense.

And with this in mind, now you know why psychologists ask all those questions about your childhood. They are trying to establish a link between your past and how it affects your present. Women mistakenly marry their “fathers,” because that’s what they know and sadly, are attracted to.

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On another note, it could be the excitement of good girl bad boy relationships. With a bad boy in her life or an element of control or danger, her heart beats hard, so she feels alive. It’s the same with bad boys wanting a stable and structured life.

But for the woman, the world she’s entering may be more stressful than she realizes or wants to handle.

woman with hands over face, crying
Bad boys will have you crying on the streets if you’re not careful.

Sometimes, good girls who come to the rescue actually affect the bad boy and prompts him to change his bad boy personality. This happens because the man is ready and willing to change. Let me say it again… ready and willing to change. These are the signs a bad boy is in love.

The willingness to change is not without some hiccups in the relationship, I can guarantee it. Women are forgiving creatures and bad boys give them plenty to forgive. But at the end of the day, a good girl should not settle for less in relationships. Know your worth!

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