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Well, casual dating still seems to be a thing, y’all. With this in mind, I must ask if you are following the casual dating rules? There’s a way to do everything, including how to date casually without hurting anyone.

Dating can be complicated and there are all kinds of levels of relationships. If you don’t know how to play the dating game, you can get hurt. The premise of casual dating is so no one gets their feelings in an uproar.

Some people confuse this kind of relationship with a polyamorous one or a license to have casual sex without guilt, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it’s not. Casual dating is a simple way to get to know people before you decide to make a commitment.

A casual dating relationship can be something that’s long-term or short-lived. Either way, it gives both parties a chance to get to know the other person without the stress. I think it’s perfect for people not wanting a monogamous relationship.

However, this does not give you the green light to treat people badly. You should learn how to date casually without hurting anyone.

Casual Dating Explained!

A casual relationship means you hang out, show respect, connect with and even sleep with another person without the promise to be faithful or to ever see them again. In short, you just enjoy your time together without expectations or labels. However, casual dating is still a label.

You should make it clear what the relationship is though. With casual dating, you’re free to see other people and my suggestion is you do just that. Don’t be hung up on “seeing where this goes” that you miss opportunities to date other people. Sometimes you miss out on dating awesome individuals.

Just a Little Respect

Although you are not exclusively dating each other, you should still show some form of respect. Don’t rub your other relationships in the other person’s face. You don’t have to talk about people you’re seeing outside of the current relationship. It’s tacky as you-know-what.

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When you see them out in public, speak. That’s a sign you were raised right. Don’t ignore the other person because you’ve been spotted with another date, but you don’t have to introduce them either especially if they are not in front of your face. You know what I mean? I’m sure you do.

Sex is Not a Prerequisite of Casual Dating

Just because you’re dating someone, especially casually dating them, doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them. That’s not one of the rules. It’s a bonus. If you decide to lay it down or get down and dirty, remember it’s just casual sex dating, relief or enjoyment… nothing more.

How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone couple in bed kissing covered photo-1514480100661-33506ca03fe7
You don’t have to engage in intimate behavior, but you can, just don’t expect the title to change.

It will not change the meaning of the relationship. It will only confuse you if you’re indeed looking for love as the two are not the same.

Rules for Casual Dating No Commitment

Yes, there are rules for casual relationships including how to “break up.” There’s nothing more frustrating than just having someone ghost. There’s no explanation… no “See ya’ later…” no “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

There’s nothing but dead silence, confusion and the feeling that you’ve been used. Don’t do this. Be man enough or woman enough to tell the other person you’re moving on. Show them you’re not just a bad person, but a human with feelings as well.

Listen, I know you know how to date casually without hurting anyone, it’s elementary, but here are a few of the casual dating rules.

How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone? Communicate!

In order you both have a clear understanding of what the relationship is, you should sit down and discuss it. This will help to avoid the awkwardness of run-ins with other dates, lessen hurt feelings and eliminate expectations. It would help, too, if you don’t give off mixed signals.

How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone? Be Honest!

Don’t tell the other person what you think they want to hear. Don’t give them the impression the relationship could be anything more than what it is now. Remind them you’re merely dating and having a good time. You’re friends and not looking for a serious or monogamous relationship.

How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone? Be Your Own Date

The worst thing you can do is to invite someone you’re in a casual relationship with to a wedding, to church or to family gatherings. Yeah, it’s a big mistake because it’s misleading! Besides, it’s not in good taste to attempt hooking up with someone while your date is there.

woman in wrap dress and white hat, black trim How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone
There’s nothing wrong with going solo. Photo by Venessa Serpas

We all know weddings and wedding receptions are notorious venues for meeting “thirsty” people.

How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone? Date Other People

While you’re footloose and fancy-free, date other people. You shouldn’t limit your date nights to just one person. This is setting yourself up for disappointment and being home alone on the weekends.

Besides, it’s a sign you’re hoping to get serious and the other person will see that you are and leave.

How do you meet other people without going out to the bars? Millions of people are into casual dating online. If you want to try something different, now is a good time to try a popular casual dating site. You should know, however, even they have rules.

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