When a Jamaican woman likes you, it can be one of the most enjoyable relationships anyone can have. On the other hand, you could be miserable as hell if you don’t know how to treat her. Yeah, she’s different in so many ways.

Jamaican women do things according to their culture, just like us. With that said, you must understand their culture first to truly know a Jamaican woman, Jamaican men and relationships.

Where do you go to meet Jamaican women? If you’re traveling to Jamaica, it’s easy. But for now, you can try one of the many dating websites catering to Jamaican dating.

If you find yourself in awe of a Jamaican lady or dating a Jamaican man, you may need some of Jah’s blessings and some tips on dating a Jamaican.

Dating a Jamaican Woman

Now that you have the attention of the Jamaican girl, you want to take things a bit further. You need to be sincere from the start or you won’t get anywhere fast. Whatever you do, don’t ask dumb questions and yes, there are some pretty dumb questions.

Beautiful dark skin long black hair
Jamaican women can be sweet and loving but don’t betray her.

Please, don’t act like you’re brand new to dating or even breathing. It won’t go over well. Just keep reading to find out what to do when a Jamaican woman likes you, okay?

8Get to Know Her Culture

Her culture is her backbone. Jamaican women may do somethings you or your friends would do, but there are going to be times when she shows her authenticity. You may not understand what she’s saying or why she’s behaving that way, but let her have it.

7Don’t Think You Can Boss a Jamaican Woman!

When a Jamaican woman likes you, it’s because you have shown her you’re da’ man. Now, don’t let this go to your head ’cause you can ruin this loving feeling by telling her what to do.

Jamaican women come from a long line of warriors. She is a queen and she will be treated like one. If you must be in control, you may need to find yourself another woman who’s blindly submissive.

6Respect her Belongings

I was raised to respect other people’s property and I’m sure most people were, too. If you want to remain in good spirits with the Jamaican woman, leave her stuff alone as well! Don’t go through her phone, don’t mess with Jamaican ladies and their hair accessories, toiletries, or anything of hers.

5Listen to a Jamaican Woman Rant

Jamaican women have plenty to say, especially when they are upset. If I were you, I’d let her get everything off her chest. We’re all bothered by the dumb stuff people do whether it’s cutting them off on the highway or bringing her the wrong food. Don’t interrupt her and for goodness sake, agree with what’s she saying.

4Tell a Jamaican Woman the Truth

There will be times in your relationship when she does something wrong or she may think the wrong way. As her man, you will need to tell her. It’s going to hurt, as the truth almost always does, so find a way to break it to her gently, with love and logic.

Whenever you do it, make sure you guys are alone. Heaven forbid if you did it in front of the company. If you want to see how hot Jamaican women can be, embarrass her.

3Romance a Jamaican Woman

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Remember, she’s a queen and she should be treated as such. When it’s time for love, make sure you’re up for the long haul. Yes, be prepared to put in work or stay at home that day. With that said, when a Jamaican woman likes you, express your appreciation to the fullest.

2For the Love of Money

Who doesn’t like to spend money? It buys us everything under the sun. Your Jamaican woman will want to spend yours like any other woman in the world. She wants to be fashionable, her hair and nails did, plus she wants to wear the best scents.

If you don’t have much money, find alternatives to getting what she wants. This could include supporting her dreams of selling her own line of Jamaican clothing. Maybe she wants to attend college. Having a college degree may help her reach those goals she’s been talking about.

1Feed a Jamaican Woman Authentic Food

Pizza and hamburgers are okay, but a Jamaican woman or a Jamaican man needs Jamaican food. You can take the girl out of Jamaica, but you can’t take the Jamaican out of the girl.

Besides, good food puts most women, including Jamaican women, in good humor and at the end of the day, isn’t that what you want?

While it’s true, Jamaican dating and marriage are different, you must understand the concepts are primarily the same. We want to be treated with respect.

People want to date men and women who understand us. We want to date people who can accept the fact we’re passionate about certain topics.

Many of us sleep with rags on our heads and we can be ratchet when we’re pushed to the limit. But mostly, we just want to laugh and live life to the fullest. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but fulfilling.