I’m always behind on the latest summer fashion trends and I must say it’s been my way of life for a really long time now. Yours, too? If you have daughters, you know nothing belongs to us anymore.

My girls grab my stuff before it ever sees my closet. I can only say I had some hot summer clothing.  

The one thing fashionistas are always looking forward to are the newest updates on fashion. The right clothes and the right makeup enhances your personal style, boosts confidence and changes the mood drastically. “You are what you wear” is the mantra for fashion lovers

Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Everyone wants to know how to makeover their wardrobes so they are trending with the latest celebrity outfits. So here are the hottest fashion trends this summer and the ways to wear them. Mix and match in such a way the same clothes give different looks.

“You can have anything in this life if you dress for it.” Edith Head

6Light and Cool Fabrics

This summer piece is to die for. Cool, beautiful details, heirloom quality

Summer and spring are the best time to show off your lightest hues. Lavender and similar light shades are the new oranges this season. They look cool in the summer heat. Pretty pastels and sheer material give a fresh look to show off our bronze complexions.

Heading out tonight? Lavender would look super sexy on with the right accessories! Slide into your breathable cotton and linen fabrics. These sweat absorbent fibers are also perfect for the outdoor concert or for a fun day at the pool.

5Denim and Polka Dots

Some might find denim to be too heavy for summer fashion trends. By the same token, others may find polka dots too retro for this season. However, denim jackets can be fun and trendy. They look super cool atop custom t-shirts. 

No matter how we may feel about them, denim and polka dots are still the stars of the evening and summer fashion trends. In light of this, why not team your polka dotted blouse with a baggy denim pant? Or you can slip into a red and white polka dotted dress or a cold shoulder polka dot jumpsuit to steal the show.


Gift your mom or sister something she likes. This floral jumpsuit is timeless.

Summer or winter… doesn’t matter… jumpsuits are always in. Dotted, striped or solid, jumpsuits are the queen of comfort and the height of summer outfits. These flawlessly fitting-pieces-of-art is a boon in disguise this season.

Florals are obviously more feminine. Fortunately, they are totally in this lineup of summer fashion trends. So what are you waiting for? Show off your jumpsuits and floral embroidered outfits right away!

3Transparency and Vinyl

Power wet-look pencil skirt with lace-up back panels and long two-way zipper.

Transparency is on the ramp again this year, but the wet look is just sexy.  It adds all the chic-effect to clothing but nothing cheesy. 

Vinyl gives clubwear a complete balance of all the flavors required for the perfect outfit. Besides, you worked hard all winter. Now take off your gym wear and flaunt those round bottoms this summer, girlfriend.

We don’t recommend wearing but a touch of vinyl clothing in this heat, but this skirt will make you change your mind! Still, you don’t want to overdo it, so top off your vinyl bottom with a designer handbag, heels, and a sheer top. They can make quite a statement this warm and rainy season.

2Silver and Feathers

We’re winning with a sleek and seductive Metallic evening gown. It’s cool, comfortable, classy and sexy.

Metallic silver hues are fresh this season. They are great for an exciting evening of dining and dancing.  Pair an evening gown with the right handbag, shoes and dazzling accessories for an irresistible look. 

Feathers, too, are the big hit as one of the throwback spring fashion trends. Use them in your head wraps or as an embellishment in your outfit for an added glam effect. Team your florals and feathers to get super trendy this year!


Plus size jacquard steel boned corset with satin pleats

Corsets have been at the height of feminine fashion since the sixteenth century. They really are not the new fashion trends.  Although women’s corsets and compression wear date back to ancient times, they were not always considered as shapewear, either.


The practice of wearing extremely tight and rigid corsets have negative impacts on your health and are no longer worn. Corsets are still one of the sexiest summer fashion trends a lady can wear for an intimate dinner or date or any steampunk occasion.

Style is more than following a set of rules in order to appear fashionable. The latest fashion trends change hourly. Instead of spending wads of money on buying the current fashion, collect the essentials and mix and match them to get trendy looks every day.