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What Pakistani women wear on first dates may not be so different from what you or I would wear. One of the most traditional and preferred styles of shalwar is now in fashion. Oh yes! The tulip pants are stylish and no matter where you’re from, you like the cut of the tulip pants.  

The popular trend of wearing the pants increases daily as single Pakistani women now have a voice and say what they want and what to wear.   

With the strong campaigns launched around the country for the empowerment of women and women rights and awareness, Pakistani women are taking advantage of new opportunities.

The stylish tulip pant trend

Usually, women used to wear simple shalwar kameez. But for the past few years, we are seeing cigarette pants and chori pajamas with long and short shirts. The trend of wearing shalwar has vanished from the fashion industry.

Now the fashion designers have brought simple and embroidered pants for young girls. This job has successfully done for the sake of women who love traditional and customary dress styles.

Dress Pakistani Style

What makes a lasting impression? Dressing up with amazing fashion sense, that’s what. In light of this, we compiled a list of what Pakistani women wear on first dates, and the Pakistani fashion trends they currently follow to make an unforgettable impact on the guy. (wink)

The meeting, referred to as a date, is such a serious step in their lives and the ladies make sure to make a memorable first impression.

Presently, the preference of Pakistani fashion designers revolves around a sophisticated and modern chic collection of clothing. For a stylish and urbane look, Pakistani women wear on first dates subtle, light tones and colors.

As a matter of fact, peach, cerulean, baby pink, and milky white are the evergreen favorites.

Yippee! It’s your first date

In the previous years, there had been a trend of long shirts, Pakistani salwar kameez, Kurtis and frocks among the ladies which made a great impression. Soon the style became an Indian favorite but has now changed to a craze of medium length kameez, shirt, and a cigarette pant.

The main reason for this trend to emerge among ladies and its preference for dates is that it suits almost every body type. There’s nothing better than a fashion statement that everyone can adopt and appreciate.

The latest Pakistani fashion, fancied by almost every girl and woman in the country, has now become the first choice to wear on a date.

What Pakistani women wear on lunch dates 

  • For a culturally voguish expression, ladies use signature symbols to add authenticity, coupled with a modern approach. This fashion ensemble may involve a simple chic shirt with a brightly colored Suthan, Patiala, and tulip shalwar.
  • Not every date will be so formal, therefore, you may want to dress for a playdate.
    Green is a terrific color to blend with chocolates and oranges, don’t you think? Dare to be comfortable and cute at the same time. It’s so natural!
  • Preferably, one should keep makeup to a minimum, however, some women apply a thick coat. They feel that by applying more makeup, they will compensate for the simplicity of the dress and they will stand out from the crowd.
  • Indian frock designs are stylish indeed. Leaving a visible portion of the upper back out was a genius idea as it adds sex appeal to this outfit. The sturdy heels loan its power to this Pakistani design.
  • Handmade accessories add an ethnic flair and panache to any culture. Accessories such jhumkas and rich multi-colored bracelets, worn with a simple dark-colored outfit, is a hit. This look portrays the lively and mysterious side of a lady and is eye-catching.

What Pakistani women wear on dinner dates?

  • Heels, of course! Ankle-strap heels, wedge heels, wedge sandals together with Pakistani suits and Indian dresses, complete the look of a well put together single lady. The self-confident woman of color always brings forth her best assets no matter what she’s wearing but with the right footwear, she turns “50 shades of gray.” A pair of silver heels adds an elegant touch and sentiment to the red and gold trim.
  • If you want to talk about the little black dress, forget it. Let’s talk about a black body-con or pencil skirt is worn just below the knees but forget the straps. It needs no jewelry. You must be audacious to wear this two-piece. I think is a favorite around the world. A plain black dress (kurti, kameez, frock, shirt) is okay, but the two-piece coupled with a red, glossy lipstick it will make heads turn and bend, maybe even break!
  • Women of color find it difficult to locate the right makeup applications. They may go through eleven tubes before finding the perfect shade of red lipstick. Due to this, the look is never out of style and we know why; it’s sexy and appealing!
  • And how can we forget the red dress? A long red dress worn with the hair in a bun or a red hijab for hijabis can stay on the mind for a long time, not to mention, in the heart forever!
  • Sometimes just a piece of gold jewelry wrapped around a girl’s wrist is all she needs to feel special and appreciated. Not only that, but the saree ensures the first date will be a success.
  • The hairdo (simple side bun) is exquisite, inasmuch as the crowning ornaments bring out the inner beauty and fashion sense.
  • A hot pink, lacy evening gown implies a confident, sexy yet strong woman is wearing it.

What Pakistani women wear on first dates should be comfortable as well as stylish.  The clothes should complement her hair and eyes as well as her skin tone.  Her positive and cheerful attitude and smile are two of the best pieces a girl could put on. 

Pakistani salwar kameez - What Pakistani women wear on first dates


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