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We can all agree the graphic design business is not what it used to be. In review, it’s obvious technology gives a significant amount of elbow grease to its success. Graphic designers can achieve exposure worldwide because of it and their advertising and marketing strategies.

Additionally, businesses and designers are capable of interacting with consumers and their clients in real-time to streamline their resources and stimulate traffic to attain a vaster audience. At the same time, it’s also conceivable to interpret responses, content and media exposure digitally.

Once they collect information required to recognize what viewers find engaging, they can ultimately, convert the new audience.

This, in turn, will generate more interest and revenue. Content will always be king, however, graphic design is perfecting this major influencer, that is according to Forbes Magazine.

While the skillful nature of graphic design is emerging, it remains critical the presentation reaches the public. Digital portfolios are evidence of a budding designer, but there’s a method to presenting an award-winning portfolio.

Made with Canva - graphic design portfolio
Make stunning looking designs with professional marketing tools design by Mikki Donaldson

How does this happen? Keep reading as we examine the means by which to showcase the talents of a graphic design professional.

Make Your Graphic Design Portfolio Stunning

The initial step to promoting and sharing your product is having a place to store designs. With the demand in digital portfolios, the results are seen in prodigious websites. To achieve this objective, graphic design artists must have a compelling portfolio, defining the artisan’s unique style.

To date, there are many templates found on WordPress, WebStartToday, and Cubender which produce astonishing websites. However, there is one content management system artists are keen on using and that is Squarespace. The site doesn’t require coding, so it’s super easy to manipulate.

It bears the fundamental marketing tools, allowing you to distribute your graphics and blog content while helping you expand your gallery and engage with followers. Squarespace is the perfect spot for beginners and experts to land their graphic design portfolio websites.

Create your site with your audience in mind. It should represent who you are and who you aspire to become. Potential clients and other graphic artists will naturally judge you on style and design, so take your time. After you launch the site, promote your portfolio by taking advantage of these tips.

Ways Graphic Designers Can Boost Advertising and Marketing

There is a profusion of approaches in which to advertise and market your new website and graphic design portfolio examples.

Make wall art a part of your graphic design portfolio
There are numerous ways in which to call attention to your brand. Think outside the box.

Capture their attention by prompting other graphics freelancers, studios and design services to frequent the site. Promote your designs by strategically branding yourself by applying the tips.

Suggest Your Portfolio to Custom Design Galleries

Having your portfolio ready to submit to popular galleries is a must in order to have it showcased and increase exposure. Remember, if you’re not thrilled with various graphic design portfolio ideas, don’t include it.

There’s a great chance someone will determine what you see and not be particularly happy with it either.

What to Include in Your Graphic Design Portfolio?

One way to get to know a person is by what other people claim about them. Don’t be embarrassed to publish reviews from past clients. Be consistent with it and seek to include a picture of the both of you or at least the client.

Offer Consultations at No Charge

Offering something of value like graphic design portfolio samples for free will entice a likely customer. It will give you a chance to network with a large percentage of possible clientele.

Once you meet them, it will provide you the opportunity to earn their confidence and a chance at referrals or a second meeting.


graphic design portfolio - Tyler Nix photo-unsplash
graphic design portfolio – Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

The most important button on your website is the one causing viewers to act. Prompt them to be pro-active and interact with your audience on a regular basis. Most people happily respond to an actual person rather than an automated chat box or a lifeless automatic poster.

How to Build Up Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Use professional tools for all of your work, including the proposal. Your invoices, letterhead, and brochures should show your business face. This not only adds to your credibility, but it looks professional to a potential buyer.

Use Social Media Platforms

There are an endless supply of social media channels, not just Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They are the ones most talked about and likely they are your primary sources for maximum publicity.

However, once you start using social media, track the platforms with analytics and stick with the ones which generate the most traffic for your business. Remember there are programs which will allow you to post to several media sites simultaneously.

By the way, you shouldn’t disregard paid advertising as it is another opportunity to target a distinct market.

Email Advertising and Marketing

One of the best practices to reach out to potential clients and customers is by email. Build your email listing early as possible and remain in contact, especially by addressing a Mother’s Day or holiday greeting card.

People like to be treated like a human. Mark specific times on your editorial calendar so they grow to expect mail from you periodically.   

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