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I’m listening, okay, eavesdropping on a conversation, and I hear the most interesting polyamorous relationships stories. I didn’t even know what polyamorous dating was until earlier this year. I thought it had something to with same-sex marriage. 🙂 Silly me.

In either case, to have a poly relationship means it’s okay to have a three-some or rather three or more people in a relationship at the same time. Over the recent years, it’s become the “thing.”

Still, many people, including myself, don’t understand the concept of polyamorous relationships. However, if you count the fifth person you saw each day, you can say they have had a relationship involving two people at the same time, sometimes more. Some say it’s cheating while others beg to differ.

Yes, indeed… about 21% of the people polled in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy say they have not had a monogamous relationship. The numbers come from approximately 8,700 participants in the survey. So, there are a number of couples in accordance with polyamory.

Polyamorous Relationships Explained

Although it’s more common than thought, some don’t comprehend the polyamorous relationship rules or even know there are rules for this kind of dating. It’s new still and I guess they are working out the bugs, so to speak. It’s like but not like an open relationship.

In an open relationship, couples only have sex with other people and agree not to get emotionally involved. In polyamorous relationships, it’s not uncommon for one or more of the people to fall in love with or commit to their new partner. 🙄

Polyamorous relationships love
Polyamorous Relationships means having an open relationship but it’s not necessarily the same. You can fall in love during a poly relationship.

You should know that some polyamorous relationships have a group of participants, but not everybody in the group knows about the individuals who they are sleeping with. Yeah, they are left in the dark, so now it sounds like cheating to me, but okay.

How are you going to be in the group, but not in the group? The open group has now become a closed group, but you don’t know it cause you’re not a part of the “core.”

Being Polyamorous

So, are there types of polyamorous relationships? Of course, it must be. Some polyamorous couples believe they are equals, others think there is a main partner. This is the one who they cohabited with. Then, you have the ones who they just date but don’t make a commitment to.

With this said, they want you to believe that everything is open and they are honest. They want respect and the okay to live and love on their own terms. Well, I guess that falls under human rights but where do you find these people? Online dating, of course.

Polyamorous Relationship Dating Site

Although you may already be in an open relationship, you could be looking for more. How do you know which dating site is okay with that? Most have niche dating sites now so it wouldn’t be difficult to find. Numerous people go to OkCupid for answers and polyamorous couples.

Back in my day, they called it “swinging.” Nowadays, openly cheating is called linking. In fact, OkCupid has joined the masses of poly dating sites and opened the feature to its members. Anyone who admits to being married or in a relationship can seek other people to join a new union.

Most sites offer polyamorous relationship advice to increase your chances of being successful. One of the reasons why OkCupid is thought to be one of the best dating sites online today is because they accommodate and welcome every kind of relationship known to mankind, well, almost.

It’s a big deal to people to have a site a minority can identify with, whether you’re a part of the polyamorous community or not.

Polyamorous Love

Often, it’s difficult for society to come out of their box and believe other than what they’ve been taught, but there’s more to life and love than we know. What’s good for me, may not work for someone else. Doesn’t make it wrong or right… it is what it is and who are we to judge.

If I was totally honest, I’d tell you it has been difficult not to see other men while dating someone else. Maybe polyamorous relationships were my thing and I just couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t a “thing.” It’s hard to break the mold when certain values are instilled in you.

I mean, you have to be gutsy and although I did a lot of things differently, they were surface changes. Accepting the fact that I thought it was okay to have multiple partners went against everything I was taught as a child. It wasn’t morally right and that made it wrong.

Polyamorous Relationships: A Blessing or a Curse? Stay wild tshirt
Don’t cheat yourself, be true to you! Stay wild and free if you were meant to be.

To project anything that wasn’t traditional, meant I was indeed different. I was the outcast. I just didn’t know it was going on without me on so many levels.

But now I know and guess what, I’m too tired to participate in polyamorous relationships.  🙂 Go figure. On that note, if this is what you and your partners agree to, then by all means, do it… do it till you’re satisfied. 😆

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