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Corsets make excellent Mother’s Day gifts. I know some of you think it’s weird but think about it. After childbirth, a mother’s number one complaint was she lost her figure.

She has all of this extra luggage now all because she gave life to one of you. 😉 Now, don’t you think she deserves something special?

The right corset will give a mother more than just her figure back but her confidence, her strut, and her style. Yeah, remember those days when she used to glide into a room and own it? They were awesome days and she can have it again! Take a look at a few of these corsets.

Mind you, there are different kinds of corsets: Victorian corsets, steampunk corsets and corsets for weight loss, so choosing can be confusing and fun. Get one that matches her needs and naughty girl personality. You can’t go wrong in this case.

Surprise her with a few of them. A lingerie fashion show would be tons of fun if you’re looking for intimate date ideas.

Quinn Lace Corsets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I must agree with them. This is a Quinn Lace Corset that’s popular for a reason or reasons. It’s lace with a sheer neckline. It zips closed and also has satiny lace ties in the back.

Quinn Lace Corsets
Quinn Lace Corset

Some garters are sold individually so if you don’t have a pair, get a pair. Always check the description or comments to see how the sizes run; small or large, before ordering.

Sometimes it’s best to order a size up especially if you’re looking exclusively for corsets for waist training.

Justine Steel Boned Corsets with Halter Straps

The Justine Steel corset with the halter straps is my favorite. I love how it supports a BBW cleavage and how it exposes the frame. Show off your hips and curves and wear that form-fitting evening gown in the back of the closet.

Justine Steel Boned Corsets With Halter Straps
Justine Steel Boned Corset With Halter Straps

The steel construction helps your posture so you’ll take to the floor like a diva unstrained all night long. When purchasing Justine Steel Bonded Corsets, they suggest ordering at least 5 inches lower than your actual waistline measurements.

If you are a first-time wearer, get a head start getting into the corset. It may take some getting used to tightening the hooks and ties.

Fiona Steel Boned Jacquard Corsets

Fiona Corsets have been helping shape and reshape the body since long before you knew what a corset was. Who would imagine a plus size corset that loves your hips and curves as much as you do?

Fiona Steel Boned Jacquard Corsets
Fiona Steel Boned Jacquard Corset

The design is made to flatter your full figure in all the right places. Pay attention to the size and measurements. Order Fiona Steel Boned corsets below your waist measurements by five to seven inches.

Satin Lace Overlay Corsets With Detachable Garters

Does this Satin Lace Overlay Plus Size Corset with attachable garters catch your attention? It’s certainly a show stopper. The corset hooks from the front and has shoulder straps for extra support and detachable garters. Be unpredictable and make it your own.

Mon Amour Charmeuse Corsets

Women wear the Mon Amour Charmeuse Corset when they want to feel extra special and sexy. The night is sure to be filled with a passion beyond your control when you reveal this lovely corset.

Pull the ribbons out one by one from the back or make eye contact as you slowly open each one of the closures in the front. The corset includes a matching thong, straps, and garters.

Mesh Bolero

What do you wear under the corset? Slip into a fitted Mesh Bolero. It’s the perfect duo to match your favorite corset. The Mesh Bolero is appropriate for those times when you want to go all out and flirt or have coverage when you don’t.


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