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You’ll need road trip tips if you’re going away for the weekend. Getting the most out of a weekend road trip can be a challenge simply because of time it takes to travel.  Planning is your best friend when it comes to making the most out of a weekend road trip.

Plan a destination

It is a simple but often missed aspect of a weekend road trip.  Once you know where you are going, plan it out because it’s easier depending on what you want to do and when you want to arrive.

Check your route

Once you know where you are going, make sure you check your route for any delays or diversions.  The last thing you need on a weekend road trip is to spend more time trying to get to your destination than visiting your destination.


You can use a road trip hotel finder to book your accommodations in advance.  Whether you stop at multiple places or just one, the worst thing about a weekend trip is not being able to find adequate accommodations when you arrive at your destination. 

Reserve your room so you don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination and not finding an available room. You will also get cheaper deals booking a day or more in advance.  Prices go up significantly on the day of arrival especially if it is a weekend. 

Sometimes you run the risk of the hotel being sold out if you are traveling on popular holidays.

How long do you want to drive each day?

The best plan is to leave early.  By early, I mean before sunrise.  This way, you can get the allow for unexpected delays and get the most out of daylight driving hours. 

Driving at night can be difficult especially when you have night blindness and you don’t have a clue as to where you’re going so, the earlier you leave the better.

You will also be able to plan where to stop if you do not plan to drive the whole day and how long for if you leave enough time to get to your destination.

Plan your meals

Breakfast can always be eaten before you leave or on the go.  Looking for breakfast while on your way for your weekend trip can cause significant delays. 

However, it is a good idea to stop for lunch during your trip as this will also give you the relaxation and break you need from driving long hours, particularly if you leave early as we suggest. It breaks up your day and you will feel fresh enough to continue your drive.

Another important meal is dinner. If you want to dine at a certain eatery, make sure you are aware of their hours of service.  The last thing you need is road trip junk food to spoil your diet or to have dinner at a place that’s questionable.

Avoid being forced to eat at because nothing reputable is open.  It has happened to me and I have learned from my road trip horror stories!

Road trip itinerary planner

Planning is a key component of traveling and making the most of the weekend road trip.  If you use a road trip generator, you know where you are going and you should not have any problems knowing what is around you. 

The problems happen when places you think are open are closed unexpectedly, and that throws you off.  If this happens, guaranteed there will be something else to do, so keep an open mind, and always prepare for the “what ifs” when you are on a road trip.

Go to places you would not normally go

Road trips are fun when you go to places you would not normally visit with the coolest people ever. 

If you are used to getting your coffee from Starbucks, get one, but when you reach a small town, try their coffee, try their food, explore what they do best and that will make you remember your road trip and the places you stopped in.

Don’t plan everything; Be spontaneous

Road trips always have places where you will see a Vista Point and beautiful scenery.  Stop to see these as by the end of your trip or on the way back, if you are taking the same route, you will not want to stop, because you are focused on getting home.

If you get tired, stop driving!

If you are driving on your own, never drive when you are tired. Keep a note of the rest areas if you’re taking a road trip in Texas.  

It takes forever to get through the state it seems so if you feel you are struggling to keep your eyes open, stop for a rest, whether a restroom break or for a coffee and light snack. Of all the weekend road trip tips, this has got to be the best one. 

Take a different route back

So that you don’t get bored, try an alternate route.  If you drive on the interstate to get to your destination due to time constraints, I suggest driving a different route to get the most out of your road trip. 

Essentially, you will be seeing more than you had planned because you chose a different route.  But with this, you must account for time and how long it will take you to return home.

Road trip tips – Take lots of photographs!  

Sadly, sometimes you may never visit the area again, but the memories you have and the photographs or memories you have written down will make you remember the good times.

However, if you can go back, I would recommend taking a few road trip items like a video camera, pocket knife or sleeping bag. You may find the perfect spot to camp out overnight.

Things change and things may remain the same, but you may not be the same person you were when you first went or be the same person you were when you first set out to your weekend destination.  Oh, and be careful out there!


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