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Photo by Pablo Padilla on Unsplash
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Dating a man in prison is serious business. Why would anyone consider it in the first place is the question? Better yet, I think people really want to know how to find a good man in jail.

Well, there are a lot of women and men, too, who would rather date someone in prison than to be alone. However, I find that to be ironic as you-know-what because you’re still very much alone.

You spend your time on a free prison dating site looking for someone to love. When you find him, you’ll spend your weekends and holidays… alone. Your birthday will come and go and you will have spent it alone unless of course, it landed on visiting day.

Goodness, if all you want is a voice on the other end and some empty promises, there are plenty of single and free men who will happily fill the slot.

I can understand dating a man in prison if you are already involved when your man commits a crime. However, to actively search and find someone in prison says a lot about the person who does this.

Women are Drawn to Inmate Online Dating

You may not believe this but prison romances happen every day. Honey, there are all kinds of women wanting to marry a man behind bars and it’s not just women from the hood.

Some criminals marry their lawyers, while others become involved with their physicians and psychiatrists.

While watching the television series, Prison Break on Hulu, I understand how it happens but only after finding out one dude was in prison because of a baseball card!  It was a $300,000 baseball card, but how unlucky can you get? Did he deserve to go to a federal penitentiary? I think not.

He’s more of a criminal after being in prison than he was before he entered the correctional facility. And how about Lincoln Burrows? He was totally set up by some vicious elements in the political system. [Makes me wonder about president number 45, and his connections.]

When you think about Linc’s brother, Michael Scofield, who committed a bank robbery just so he could save his brother from frying on death row, I can understand dating a man in prison, but that’s television.

Jeremy Meeks 001002 600x450 - Dating a Man in Prison? You Need Inmate Dating Tips
Jeremy Meeks doesn’t really like the nickname, “Hot Felon.”

Well, wait. What about “Hot Felon,” Jeremy Meeks? He was convicted of possession of a firearm and grand theft in 2014. His mug shot ended up on Facebook and received over 20,000 likes then.

Meeks was released from prison in 2016, got a modeling contract and is now engaged to a billionaire’s daughter. So, this story may not be on television… yet, but this success story doesn’t happen every day.

Men in prison have no problems finding other female prisoners looking for love or women on the outside. It starts off innocent enough, I suppose, with emails. Then, one day, they make the ultimate connection in person.

Women like Phaedra Parks and Sheree Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” know first hand what’s it’s like. Phaedra is an attorney who married Apollo Nida, another cutie pie, “straight outta prison.” Sadly, he’s in prison for the second time, but fraud is a non-violent crime. 

Sheree Whitfield says her honey, Tyrone Gilliams, is a long time friend who, by the way, “gets her.” She says he broke off the relationship because Gilliams didn’t want to get Whitfield involved in any unlawful activity. With that said, she knew something was going on.