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Jimmy Cliff, according to sources at the Kingston Daily News on March 31, got married again, however it comes as no surprise it was a secret ceremony given no one really knows what Jimmy is doing when it comes to relationships.  

This time he was supposed to announce a date, but the News states the couple skipped planning a wedding and went straight to the nuptials.  In fact, the happy groom is already wearing his ring. Well, if you’re upset over this news, the thing is – it could be just another rumor.  

The Jamaican Sun-Times reports that on April 8th, Jimmy was shopping for engagement rings. However, mediamass.com says Cliff’s PR person provided the traditional “no comment” when asked about the possibility of an engagement or marriage. 

Jimmy Cliff has been so private in the past about his personal relationships some people believed he was gay, but it’s only a small percentage of people. The majority of his fans [83%] say he’s not.  

With hits like “Wonderful World,” “Beautiful People,” Reggae Night,” and “Wild World,” Jimmy Cliff, international reggae star, has earned assets of around $10 million or so. For some, this may not sound like a lot of money, however, living a quiet life and investing, this could last a lifetime.

The Beginning of the Jimmy Cliff Story

Jimmy Cliff (James Chambers) was born in the Somerton District in St James, Jamaica, April 1, 1948. He started writing, singing and acting during his early years and continued to develop himself while attending Kingston Technical High School.

If you didn’t know, Cliff can play the guitar, keyboard, piano, and conga drums. He would enter local talent contests to entice prospective producers. Cliff was 14 years old and had already released a few records like Hurricane Hattie

That was the rocket ship for Cliff. He continued to work and put out hits that were rich with the Jamaican sound and history. By the time Cliff was 16, he was chosen to be a representative at the World’s Fair (1964). It would bring an offer made by Island Records.

With this in mind, he packed up and moved to the UK. Other well-known musicians began to take note of this individual and Jimmy Cliff would join them in many creative ventures. Let me tell you how this came about. 

Jimmy Cliff Many Rivers to Cross

Cliff was twenty-ish when he began his acting career. The film, “The Harder They Come,” received global recognition and brought much material success to Jamaica and to Cliff in 1972.

The soundtrack, which included songs by Desmond Dekker, and the movie was received well by college campuses. In 1973, the movie would hit the theaters at the same time that Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Bob Marley would release their album.

In 1980, the Jamaican man released “I’m the Living” which proved to be successful for the artist. This was the follow up to “Many Rivers to Cross” which aired in 1978. 

This only made matters greater for the 5ft 4in entertainer and for all concerned. Cliff would mingle with groups like Kool & The Gang, Annie Lennox, The Rolling Stones, and Sting. They made mad music together.

Cliff was awarded a Grammy for Best Reggae Album. “Shelter of Your Love” was a song featured in a movie called “Cocktail” (1988). Later, in 1995 his music, Hakuna Matata, was featured in “The Lion King.”

Cliff was asked to perform at The Commonwealth Games in 2002. He was always busy so he decided to take a break. While in Africa, he converted to Islam and received his new name, El Hadj Naim Bachir.

It was on October 20, 2003, Jamaica honored Cliff with a highly prestigious award, the Order of Merit. This award was in recognition of his achievements in reggae music, his contributions to film and to the music of his homeland.

According to The Biography.com website, he is the only living musician to hold this distinction. In 2010, Cliff was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not only that, but he was nominated for a Grammy in 2015 for Best R&B Song.  

Jimmy Cliff Has a Personal Life

Jimmy Cliff has pretty much maintained a private personal life although I can tell you he has been married before and has two children by his first wife, one son and, one daughter.  I also discovered the singer got divorced, remarried and has three children with his second wife.

There are rumors of another wife, but the truth is yet to be revealed. If you’re looking for drama, there’s not much negative talk about Cliff unless you want to include his comments on the Super Bowl Volkswagon commercial.  The controversial ad featured a white man adopting a Jamaican dialect and Cliff’s version of “Come On, Get Happy.”  

Sunny Side 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Video with Jimmy Cliff Get Happy Full HD


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