Although these weight loss tips for lazy people can help you lose the weight, they only work if you use them! However, if you are like me, you start to look for ways to cut corners. You find yourself just staring at the tips on how to lose weight at home.

You can join a weight loss program, but regular workouts take a tremendous amount of willpower–something you don’t always have! You think about the little things you do to make up for the lack of exercise and feel better knowing you are doing something

Come on guys… there are many lazy ways to lose belly fat, but wishing it away won’t help.  So, come on, get up and let’s do it! 

1. Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks

Over the years, I found lazy ways to shed pounds. Keep in mind, these weight loss tips are in the vein of “every little thing counts” and are meant to add to your efforts in other areas, not to replace a proven weight loss strategy!

Still, I’ve found small changes produce big results if you really stick to them.  Attempt using these 11 tips to get you off the couch!

2. Use Smaller Plates and Smaller Utensils

This sounds like a complete bunk idea, but it works psychologically. You consume food with your eyes as much as with your stomach.

When you see you are eating a full plate of mashed potatoes — even when it’s a small plate — you send unconscious signals to your brain that you are eating a lot more than you actually are.

Eating from smaller spoons also forces you to break your food into smaller bites, again signaling to your brain that you are eating a lot. The trick is not to overdo it.

I’ve found that reducing the plate size to three-quarters of your normal plate works so much better in retaining the illusion than trying to eat out of a tea saucer! This may be the best way to reduce weight in 7 days

3. How Do I Lose Weight with Minimal Exercise?

Drink from tiny straws! The number one advice for losing weight is to avoid sweetened drinks like a plague! But what happens when you crave that special treat? What if it’s been three weeks and you’d die for a Coke right now?

To alleviate your guilt, find yourself a tiny straw. By tiny, I mean really tiny, like one the size of a cooked spaghetti noodle. This makes your drink last much longer, and you end up feeling more satisfied.

4. How Do You Lose Weight Without Exercising?

Chew your food longer as much as you can. Really savor every bite. This not only helps with your digestive system but also helps slow down your eating, giving your body time to signal your brain once you are full.

We recommend using one of the best weight loss tips – Chew 30 times. Once you start you’ll find that it’s a lot, and it will surprise you to notice how little you normally chew!

5. Get Up After One Bite and Walk Around

Instead of taking weight loss supplements, try one of the top ten weight loss tips for lazy people.  If you are famished when you start eating, you will most likely overeat. So, whenever you find the urge to wolf down your meal as fast as possible, stop yourself for a moment.

Take one bite, chew and enjoy it. Then get up and go fetch something from the other side of the house. It takes a while for your brain to register that you are getting energy from food.

So after the first bite, do something else for 5 minutes before coming back to your meal. You’ll find that you feel full faster!

6. How Can a Girl Lose Weight Fast?

Choose to eat veggies first. Including this idea in your weight loss diet plan will help you to lose weight fast.

Veggies are larger in volume than they are in calories, so if you start your meal with the recommended portions of veggies, you will find you don’t have much room for the unhealthy stuff that follows.

7. Weight Loss Tips and Rituals

Even if you are eating alone at home, try to make eating a sacred ritual. Turn off the tv, present your food nicely on your (small) plate – maybe even decorate it!

The more time you spend on tinkering with food, the more you feel like your body is getting food. I’ve found that whenever I do a cook/eat/wash-up ritual, I end up feeling more satisfied with the whole experience. This could be the best of my weight loss tips for lazy people, yet. 

8. Best Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People? Go to Bed!

Aww, the lazy person diet.  If you make a habit of skipping dinner (or at least trying to eat less of it), a very necessary strategy, yet one people always fail to mention, is to go to bed early before you get hungry again!

Yes, this is a cheat. But you can bank on the fact that even if you do wake up hungry in the middle of the night, you will most likely be too lazy to get out of your comfy bed.

This also makes breakfast, the most important meal of the day, extra enjoyable the next morning! Great weight loss tips for lazy people, huh? Keep reading, there’s more. 

9. What’s the Fastest Way to Lose Weight in 3 Days?

Window-shop (or find friends who do)! People say window-shopping is one of the most useless activities you can ever do – but it sure helps you burn a lot of calories as you spend hours wandering around aimlessly.

You can’t beat this if you’re looking for weight loss tips for lazy people and you don’t have much cash.  

If you’re not into such things, maybe go with people who love shopping and agree to help them carry their shopping bags. This way you can get in some mild exercise while socializing!

10. How to Lose Weight at Home Fast?

One sure lazy way to lose weight drink water. Studies have shown that your body often confuses signs of dehydration with hunger, so drink enough water.

If you are really excited about water, you can even choose to go for only ice-cold water to help your body burn that extra 0.0002 calories to warm itself back up.

In my opinion, you don’t need to go that far. Just drinking water regularly throughout the day can help you feel less hungry in general.

11. Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes your body also mistakes exhaustion for hunger. If you have an active ‘binge’ gene, not getting enough sleep can be a disaster, since your body might consider itself under stress and tells you to eat as much as possible!

So, find the right amount of sleep that allows you to wake up fresh and with energy to last you the whole day without having to resort to a sugary ‘pick-me-up’ in the afternoon!

How can I Lose a Pound a Day Without Exercising?

Blog anonymously about weight loss tips for lazy people. (haha) Shame is bad, but sometimes we need that extra motivator. The internet has given us the chance to be motivated by public shame in complete anonymity!

I once made myself blog for 30 days straight, painstakingly listing what I ate, what I successfully resisted and where I fell off the bandwagon. It worked! After a few days, I started to become very motivated by the fact my invisible readers might be judging me.

I wanted to look good in my Spanx, so that gave me much more willpower to refuse that cupcake, that extra slice of pizza, that candy bar. In the end, I managed to lose 6 lbs.

The important thing is you are not supposed to tell anyone you know in real life about your blog — that would only make it stressful and depressing. Harness the energy of the internet age!

And by the way, if you have any suggestions on how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet, let us know, please!

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