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Positive singles have a lot of fun dating. They may want to tie the knot, but for now, they are content with living the single lifestyle. What’s surprising to many is they have health benefits just as much as married couples do.

Now, there’s no arguing married people have help through turbulent times, but when you’re happy single, there’s no need to “attach” when times get hard. In fact, I don’t believe everyone should or will get married. It’s unreasonable to think that everyone will marry.

I mean, what do you think about married life? How many people do you know who are married? How does that number compare with your friends [positive singles] who are not married? Well, I guess in my circle the numbers are more toward the married side.

If you read my blog on living single, you know I’m content waiting until it’s right. I know some of you say there’s no perfect timing, so I’ll say, there’s God’s timing and I’m cool with that. In the meantime, here’s a list of single benefits I want you to read.

The Benefits of Positive Singles

I don’t like conflicts and especially when they are related to relationships. I’m tired of the games people play, aren’t you? Yeah, I would rather stay single than to go through the drama. When you stay in an unhappy marriage, what do you think that does to a person?

My guess is it wears them down and sooner or later, the risk of that person becoming depressed and suffering from low self-esteem is greater. I mean, you have difficulties just going through the day-to-day stuff, but even celebrations are not the same anymore.

Single people achieve happiness on a whole other level and researchers suggest their mental health is better. Wait… it gets better. They have less chance of developing chronic illnesses and single health insurance is a lot cheaper than premiums for a family.

Positive Singles Have Less Financial Stress

Most of the time, opposites attract. In that I mean, in a relationship, you’ll have one person who likes to spend money and the other is the one who likes to stack or grow money. One person will argue you can save money by renting a movie at the Red Box and stay home rather than go out. 

While this may be true, there’s nothing like seeing a movie at the theater or socializing. When you’re single, you don’t have that argument. You spend your money the way you want if you spend it at all. Who’s going to say what? Exactly. Nobody! [One of the positives of being single.]

If you check the stats of a study done in 2014, one in every three people said they lied to their partner about how much money they spent. In fact, over 75% of the married people surveyed, said the argument – the lie – put their marriage in jeopardy.

With all this talk about the health benefits of being single, I’m getting hungry. Yeah, I know my abs ain’t what it used to be, but I’m old. That’s a good excuse, right?

Positive Singles Commit to Workout

Single ladies go the extra mile and most of the time will accept a challenge without hesitation when it comes to workout out. In fact, there’s more willing to meet you at the gym than meet you for brunch.

On the other hand, statistics show that over 60% of married women took to the gym… in their dreams. I mean, we know women with children are physically active but do they get enough of the right exercise to be fit? No, they really don’t.

Don’t feel bad married ladies, 37% of the women [single and divorced] are like you. The bottom line is this – single girls have more time providing they aren’t parents themselves to spend more time working on themselves as opposed to someone with greater responsibilities.

Positive Singles Eat Alone But Eat Less

Do you ever wonder why when people boo up, one of them, if not both, gain weight? I mean, they just blow up like all of a sudden. It’s called “relationship weight.” Haha… that’s too funny, but it’s real talk.

Women gain approximately five pounds during the first six months of marriage and do so almost blindly. They are so happy that often they relax, not really paying attention to their bodies. Are you or someone you know are guilty of this?

I’ve seen it but don’t think it really applies to me yet. I’m a skinny girl, but I’m looking forward to a little weight gain, however. I hope he can cook, as a matter of fact. But, let me specific here… I hope he’s a good cook who enjoys the art and will create plenty of delicious, healthy meals for us.

Are you with that? Lol Well, so much for me, back to the matter at hand.

The relationship experts say couples continue to gain weight throughout their marriage if they aren’t careful. Until my day comes, I’m going to continue being single and happy.

Positive Singles Form Closer Friendships

There are a lot of married women who won’t be friends of the opposite sex because they feel it’s disrespectful to their marriage. On the other hand, some women are just bullied into doing away with all their friends for a “man.”

If you’re single, you don’t have that decision to make. You can be friends with other single and married people and have more freedom to see your parents, brothers and sisters or cousins. It’s important to have other means of support than just your mate.

Two young women braiding hair
When we’re free to have close relationships with other positive singles, we are happier people.

People who have close relationships increase their chances of living longer by 50%. When you have buddies that make you laugh, and are there to lift your spirits, it means less stress for you. We all know stress kills.

So you see there are many advantages of being single, some you didn’t realize and I know it. It’s okay… now you know. As a matter of fact, when I talk to a lot of married women about marriage, they tell me to stay single. That’s crazy, huh… but I listen.

I’m know how to enjoy being single. What about you? Do you have anything you’d like to add? Please, comment below. I’d like to know what you got.

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